Self-published author Tei'Asha Simms is blazing an innovative path for aspiring writers through her new educational platform, Authorship Academy.

Self-published author Tei’Asha Simms is blazing an innovative path for aspiring writers through her new educational platform, Authorship Academy.

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Self-publishing began disrupting the market with technological advancements like e-books in 2011. According to reports, Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited has paid independent authors over a quarter of a billion dollars in 2019, and that trend doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon.

Those with a story to tell have more opportunities to reach a wider audience through non-traditional means.

Local woman and self-published author, Tei’Asha Simms, is pioneering an innovative way for aspiring writers to do the same locally. She is the founder of Authorship Academy, an educational platform that provides residents with the resources and skills to embark on their self-publishing journey.

Launched in February, his business is located at 241 W. Federal St., Youngstown, and will begin online classes for virtual education in the coming months.

“The idea for my business was inspired after I self-published my first book in August 2021 and was approached by many people in my community, especially black writers, Simms said.

“I researched the industry further and learned that black authors only make up about 7% of the industry. I started a business to fill the void by providing an accessible educational space for budding local authors. »

In addition to writing services, his company offers a full range of personal and professional development workshops, from life coaching to motivational speaking. Still, his recent Authorship Academy launch quickly rose to fan-favorite status.

“This service is me giving clients step-by-step instructions on how to become self-published authors. I think clients like this service because I teach them how to fish.

Simms’ program combines actionable commentary and resources with personal anecdotes that resonate with her clients. Understanding the pitfalls and challenges of his clients makes his workshops distinctive yet relevant.

“A unique business strategy I have employed is storytelling through content. I love taking my supporters on the journey with me. I show them my authentic self and use transparency to communicate with my audience. created a community that supports all of my business endeavors, including my nonprofit, because people buy people before they buy products.

Simms says the publication of her first two books brought her fair share of trial-and-error learning. Growing up without mentors to support her interests, she relied on her curiosity and passion to propel her career. Likewise, she says that many of her clients don’t have access to that same mentoring, which her company fills.

“My biggest challenge was working backwards. Myths and misinformation about book publishing is always the wall I have to tear down because so many people are misinformed or not informed at all.

As social media ushers in a new wave of personal branding, consulting services and business opportunities, Simms says publishing a book can help business owners build and establish authority in their respective fields.

“I want readers to know that no matter what industry you work in or what role you hold, anyone can be an expert in their field when they monetize their knowledge and write the right book. And I mean anyone, down to the stay-at-home mom who can teach other women how to balance all the duties of caring for the home while simultaneously performing a mother’s job – it’s a book .

To learn more about the Authorship Academy, visit the Simms website.

Eartha A. Hopkins is a Youngstown native and an alumnus of Ohio State University. Born with a penchant for storytelling, the business owner and journalist offers a distinct voice in an effort to inspire her generation to live authentically. Be sure to catch her 2 cents on her website and Instagram @eartha__hopkins.

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