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In English, there are two terms that are often confused: gambling and bet. Both terms appear in the world of gambling and betting, and although the Spanish translation does not make this difference (since they are translated as if they were synonyms), in English there is a slight difference.

Then Crisipo Benavidez (here you can see his profile) he explains the difference between betting and betting:

What do we call “game”?

The games of chance which include bets (gambling) refer to games in which you have to bet on an uncertain outcome. The main goal is to get it right and get money or other goods, and it usually works the same way: a specific amount of money is put on a game in the hope of get more. Does this sound familiar to you?

In this case, the outcome of the bet is usually immediate and is mainly related to the luck of the player, as well as his choice. However, there is a certain type of game that is not all about luck, but having certain knowledge and skills is important.

What games of chance can I name? Without a doubt, the most classic are the games of slot machines, but also other online casino games, such as craps, roulette, baccarat, blackjack and poker, among others. If you combine luck and strategy, you may be able to make a fortune by betting on games of chance.

On the Spain site, es-casinos.com you can find very interesting information about different games as well as casino reviews and much more. It will be very useful to have this information before you start playing.

What do we call “paris”?

The bets (bet) are not as related to online gambling in Spain as you might find in a casino. Rather, it is about this type of bets that are made on events, such as races, sports results, national elections, etc. For example, betting on who the next prime minister will be would be such a bet (bet).

However, the most famous bets today are the sport bets. In fact, many casinos incorporate two well differentiated areas: one of them for gambling (gambling) and others for sports betting (bet). In this regard, players place their bets on an outcome which may be A, B or C (limited) and which is not immediate.

There are betting results from soccer, basketball, boxing, car racing, cycling, and almost any sport you can imagine. But these types of bets are also made with television programs, political elections and even with animals, such as greyhound or horse races. This type of betting can be done at the amateur level as well as at the professional level.

Main differences between gambling and betting

The truth is that the two terms, gambling and bet they mean betting an amount of money on an outcome. However, the only and main difference is in the nature of the bet.

As I mentioned before, betting on gambling has to do with the games that can be found in an online casino: poker, roulette, baccarat, slot machines. In this case, the game involves the casinos. While betting is linked to events, be they sporting, political or of any other nature.

Although I can say that event betting is not that risky and uncertain, it depends solely on the theory of probability. In a soccer match, the most basic bets vary between win, draw and loss, and users need to bet on what outcome they think is most likely, which is totally uncertain.