Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai told the Assembly on Monday he was under pressure from “vested interests” to reverse the introduction of a law banning betting and gambling. money online.

Bommai was referring to the Karnataka Police (Amendment) Act which was passed in the Assembly in September last year. The law prohibited online games that involved betting or betting. Last month the High Court struck it down.

Work on the law began when Bommai was interior minister.

“As it was also the time of the Covid, some people even promised me the vaccination of people in my constituency. I told them that the government was able to take care of vaccination for all”, a- he said, adding that he was under pressure. .

Bommai said the government was powerless because it was unable to enforce the law.

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Highlighting how vested interests use loopholes in legal provisions to further their motives, Bommai said, “Online gambling betting is an international level problem. We have introduced legislation against these bets. However, the court has now cleared it again. shows how ubiquitous online portals are.”

Strict legislation against gambling and betting is “the state’s need of the hour”, Bommai said, adding that gambling clubs are rampant. “If we search them, the next day, the accused goes out on bail,” he lamented.

Bommai said this in response to former KR speaker Ramesh Kumar, who said the IPL had turned into a “horse race”.

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