The International Center for Gaming Regulation (ICGR) to University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) is hosting a new webinar this month, called Global Trends in Anti-Money Laundering Regulation, Enforcement and Illegal Gamblingto hold the August 24.

As part of the ICGR Training course for financial executivesthis intensive seminar offers information and knowledge on government actions and interventions to combat money laundering and other financial crimes related to the casino and gambling industry, and recommendations and learning points.

The new course is aimed at professionals in highly regulated industries, including casino management, compliance staff, risk management, human resources or finance managers, oversight/security team members and gaming industry advisors.

“The participants will leave with strategic awareness and knowledge of how regulation and enforcement are change globally. The program also pprovides gaming operators with a fundamental understanding of why AML regulation is critical to the success of their businesses,” organizers said.

The program curriculum includes:

  • Global financial crime risks related to the casino industry
  • An Overview of Overseas Government Investigations
  • Emerging Trends in Regulation and Enforcement
  • The rise of online casinos and illegal gambling
  • Global Case Studies
  • US Case Studies Related to Underground Banks
  • Global links to organized crime

The ICGR teaching partner in charge of this course will be Amanda Goreforensic accountant with over 20 years of experience supporting financial investigations and working with law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

She currently leads the Center for Global Advancement (C4GA) which advises governments, NGOs and the private sector on how they can fight financial crime with a particular focus on environmental crime, gaming sectorand clandestine money movements.

His field work experience covers several regions, including the Caribbean, United States, Europe, Africa and Asia focusing primarily on money laundering, corruption and tax evasion trends.

On Wednesday August 17, the ICGR is also hosting a virtual seminar to explore the mechanisms and processes of auditing and accounting in the international gaming industry. Internal controls of casinos and games” is primarily aimed at regulators, but will also support the education and knowledge base of professionals seeking facts and information about control systems within any highly regulated industry.