The UNLV Theater Department launches the second season of POD115 “Las Estrellas” on October 28th.

The popular podcast, named one of’s Top 20 Sci-Fi Podcasts of 2020, focuses on the journey of fictional UNLV student Ana Lorena Suazo, an undocumented immigrant. Ana is a journey to discover her own voice despite the “status” assigned to her.

“We felt it was important this season – as members of the UNLV community and its proud MSI designation – that we delve deeper into the stories of the marginalized and the ‘voiceless’,” said course instructor Adam. Paul. “If POD115 is nothing else, this is an opportunity to explore and express the disparities in our society. Hopefully we shed more light on the issues while being entertaining.”

POD115 is the product of the UNLV Theater Undergraduate Podcast: Creation and Production Classes Taught by Paul. A serialized fictional podcast, POD115 is created and produced in the classroom with students enrolled in UNLV’s acting programs. Seasons 1 and 2 were both produced under pandemic quarantine constraints, with actors recording on smartphones in makeshift home studios.

The cast includes Deseree Whitt, Audrey Radef, Asheton Stoever, Romeo Lopex, Allison de Jong-Irving, Daniel Shim, Dulce Valencia, Day Hunter, Carmen Maher and Blake Spicer.

Paul trained classically as an actor at the American Conservatory Theater, where he received my MA in 1992. He wrote and directed for CBS Emmy Award-winning “The Inspectors,” had a long acting career, most notably playing Mitch, ‘The Naked Man’ in the CBS comedy “How I Met Your Mother”. He has appeared in numerous television programs and films, including “The Informant!”, “One for the Money” and “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron”. He created and starred in “Hollywood Residential,” a comedy series for Starz’s first season of original programming. He is also an award-winning business director and writer who has toured for VW, MasterCard, Lenovo and many more.


Season 1 named one of the 20 best sci-fi podcasts of 2020 by

“A magic show with all kinds of misdirection and brilliant illusions” –

“A mixture of reality and fantastic but terrifying discovery” – Podcake

“A bold and exploratory approach to storytelling that leaves the listener questioning what is real.… Leading them deeper into the story by wanting to know more.” -Sean Howard, producer “Alba Salix”; Co-founder Fable and Folly