Twitch may finally be ending hosting gaming content on their site, as a new report says they’re “in the midst of a deep dive” into everything around it.

From loot boxes in video games to casino slots and card games, gaming has always appeared on Twitch in one form or another – and some streams have been incredibly popular over the years. years.

Given that Twitch’s audience is quite young, there have been many concerns about gambling advertising – especially such high stakes and anything crypto-related – on such a widespread scale, with many calls to Twitch to put it down.

While some streamers have dropped their gambling sponsorships, a number of big names like xQc and Trainwrecks continue to partner with sites like Stake. However, Twitch is somewhat on the case.

Twitch is investigating streams and gaming content

According to a report from Bloomberg, which digs deep into gaming on Twitch and how some viewers have been affected by it, the streaming platform has confirmed it has gaming content under a microscope.

Twitch is currently “in the midst of an extensive review of gaming behavior on Twitch,” a spokesperson told Bloomberg, noting that the platform takes “any potential harm to our community extremely seriously.”

Additionally, Twitch closely monitors gambling content “to ensure our approach mitigates potential harm to our global community”, and as such has removed the ability for streamers to share links from reference to certain websites. However, many can still circumvent it with chat messages and other means of advertising.


Game streams have become everyone on Twitch lately.

Banning gaming content outright would, of course, be the ideal situation for many viewers and streamers, but it’s unclear if Twitch will do that. However, if they investigate things, all options are probably on the table.

This is something we’ll have to watch over the next few months, especially as game streams remain very popular with viewers.