STONE MOUNTAIN, Georgia., June 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Co-authors Grover jackson, Marie Fullard, summer. Christine jackson announced that they are offering an exclusive free copy of the multimedia digital presentation “Back to Kenya“for those who visit their site and request access. Also, those who purchase a copy of the brief.”A travel“Direct from the authors’ website will receive a free autograph with each book. The co-authors are also hosting a virtual book signing and discussion related to” A Journey “on June 6e and 22nd of Julysd, via the Brightside Global Journal. Further details will be available through the Jacksons Book Journey website.

“A Journey” – A Multimedia Tale of Black American History Told by Those Who Have Lived It

A chronicle of the lives of 14 siblings raised by poor but loving sharecroppers parents who descended directly from slaves, “A Journey” begins as a biography set in the mid-1800s, recounting the first days of hard labor in a country filled with ever-present, dangers of white supremacy. Working through the perpetual fog of history and the deliberate erasure of dark stories, the authors managed to bring together facts, oral histories and family legends to weave the origins of a strong and determined family that refused to d ‘to be shattered by circumstances or difficult times.

“Return to Kenya“is a multimedia presentation that includes written details and personal stories from co-author Grover and his Kenya travel companions linked to his transformative journey to the African country as a Peace Corps volunteer. “Return to Kenya“uses both video and still images from Kenya today – focusing specifically on the Nakuru area where Grover worked and lived during his days as a Black American overseas. Grover’s first Kenya visit is briefly explored in “A Journey”, but “Back to Kenya“expands on the journey, including a comprehensive retrospective study, offering photos and videos of places as they then existed, and how they appear today. Link to ‘Back to Kenya‘Video presentation: RETURN TO KENYA # 1 1 – YouTube

About the co-authors of “A Journey”

  • Mary F. Fullard: After getting married and starting a family, Mary enrolled in college and eventually graduated with magna cum laude honors from Glassboro State College (Rowan University) with a degree in education. After spending 35 years managing, training and providing resources to early childhood professionals, parents, early childhood and public school teachers, Mary is now retired. Always curious about genealogy and her family history in particular, Mary’s curiosity and deep motivation have saved much of the Jackson family history through her extensive family interviews and online research.
  • E. Christine jackson: A bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from Douglass College, with an MBA in finance and business management from Widener University, E. Chris had a long and successful 33-year career with the Verizon family of telecommunications companies before retiring. Initially a skeptical and reluctant participant, E. Chris later became an enthusiastic co-author of “A Journey” after realizing the importance of work to future generations of the Jackson family and to black history in general. Meticulous editor E. Chris edited the entire volume while writing chapters 18 “We Commemorate” and 19, “The Legacy of the Brothers and Sisters”.
  • Grover jackson: A well-traveled businessman, Grover first received his BA in Economics from Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU) in Charlotte before volunteering and serving two years as a United States Peace Corps volunteer at Kenya – the subject of the presentation “Back to Kenya. “After returning to the United States, Grover obtained an MBA in finance from Atlanta University (Clark atlanta) and pursued a distinguished career which included Wall Street, banking, auxiliary education, financial planner and a long tenure at IBM Now retired, Grover believes in a life of service and is an accomplished missionary, volunteers with multiple non-for-profit organizations, Georgia Volunteer Special Olympics softball coach, and supports work with missions and missionaries around the world. He was also a deacon for the Glendale Missionary Church in Miami, Florida, and was the first black deacon at the First Baptist Church in Atlanta (FBAC), where he still serves his community as a trusted advisor and friend. Grover was also recently elected Treasurer of the JCSU NAA.

“A Journey” is available as a hardcover or eBook purchase via, Barnes & Noble,, or the authors’ website. Learn more:

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