Part of the appeal of the show’s most popular character is that he likes to have fun. In his world, that means two things: beer and women. For most of the 1st season, we barely see him outside the football field without a drink or a bottle in his hands. It is not beautiful – in fact, it is a little worrying. Tim is clearly well beyond the level of social or party consumption, which, especially for a high school student, is far from healthy behavior.

What makes it worse is that everywhere Riggins goes, people are selling him alcohol without even questioning his age. In a scene from Season 2, he buys beer for his best friend, Jason Street (Scott Porter), after the latter is refused alcohol by the cashier – even though they are the same age. In another case, he’s going for a drink with Saracen, and the bartender doesn’t blink when he orders two glasses of whiskey with a few beers.

Considering Riggins’ drinking habit and behavior throughout the series, which included a lot of drunk driving, he’s lucky he’s still alive in the finale – and he doesn’t. is certainly not a good example for high school viewers.

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