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The Floyd Community Theater Guild performed Craig Sodaro’s ‘Til Death Do Us Part earlier this month to packed audiences at the Black Box Theatre.

Crowded audiences filled the theater at the June Bug Center, and the Centre’s executive director, Shannon Hardwicke, said “everyone seemed to be having a good time”.

‘Til Death Do Us Part is the story of Leo Lomax and Locust Blossom’s wedding reception gone wrong, which leaves one of the guests murdered and the night in “chaos”, according to the show’s description .

“It was truly a hysterical performance,” Hardwicke said.

The cast included Eric Wolf as Herb Lomax, father of the groom; Hannah Hill as Eula Lomax, mother of the groom; Valarie Moran as Betsy Crocker, the bride’s caterer and aunt; Casey Worley as Ramon Escobar, groomsman and dance teacher; McKinley Rorrer as Howard, groomsman and lawyer; and Charisse Skinner as Mother Gearth, grandmother of the groom.

The wedding guests were played by Anna Dalton (Aunty Hildy), Debbie Kleiner (Polly Peabody), Kaven Black (Newton Fig) and Resa Mattson (Lulu Depew).

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Mike Ogliaruso played Vinny Fishburn, Justice of the Peace.

Jocy Graham played Etta, the bride’s cousin, while Chiana Spradling and Eva Rose Sarver Wolf portrayed the bridesmaids, Glinda and Rhoda.

Leo Lomax, the groom, was played by Alex Alaniz, and Locust Blossom, the bride, was played by Emily Gruver.

The June 10-12 shows were conducted by Tonya Hall.

To follow all the happenings at the June Bug Center, visit or dial (540) 745-6550.

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