Zoe Stanton-Savitz ’23

After a member of the SLC theater production team Tree house tested positive for Covid-19 this Friday, the department decided to cancel the show at the same time as another production, The Reaper has found your cat, which runs in the directory.

The shows, which were slated to be performed on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, were eventually canceled after stage managers of both productions emailed cast and crew to assess comfort levels with continuing performances. . The emails urged the team to request immediate testing.

In an email, production manager Neelam Vaswani explained that she had spoken to the college and that no clear policy exists for this situation. She urged anyone not essential to running the production – including designers and directors – not to set foot in the Performing Arts Center. Additionally, Vaswani told the cast and crew that if any cast members or stage managers were uncomfortable with their responsibilities, the show would be canceled. If any members of the racing team decided not to attend, she would look for replacements, she said.

A number of crew members expressed unease with the situation on both shows.

Tree houseLighting board operator Mia Randers-Pehrson ’24 said, “I’m not comfortable with potentially more exposure of myself or others.”

The operator of the sound table, Izzy Hardin ’24, agreed and said: “Since coming home for Thanksgiving to see my elderly grandmother, I don’t feel comfortable coming to the show until I test negative. “

At least four crew members for Tree house expressed similar concerns. Scrambling to find replacements, the production staff decided it was safer to postpone the shows. Although the positive case is on the Tree house production team, by sharing a space and working close together, the staff decided it was safer to postpone The Reaper Four Your Cat, also.

“We intend to keep the risk level of our community as low as possible and take into account everyone’s comfort level,” Vaswani said.

The crew member is in quarantine at Osilis and all other members of the Tree house crew – including directors, stage management and actors – have tested negative for Covid.

Tree house and The Reaper has found your cat will resume performing after the Thanksgiving break, provided all cast and crew are negative for the coronavirus.

“I feel really helpless,” said Colette Shaw ’22, playwright of Tree house. “It seems so unreal, although I have always known Covid can interfere, but I know we will come back strong and put on a great show.”

Zoe Stanton-Savitz is Treehouse’s Production Manager.

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