DENVER, June 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As events “slowly return to normal,” Alt Ethos — a DenverAn experiential design agency specializing in virtual and hybrid events is excited to offer solutions for a post-Covid world.

The heart of a good event is engagement. During the pandemic, virtual event producers struggled to engage and retain their virtual audiences. Alt Ethos therefore set to work, in search of solutions to the challenges inherent in virtual events. That’s when we created our iconic virtual and hybrid event solutions, where we deliver our browser-based 3D event platform, Pathos Metaverse.

The name says it all: our mission is to imbue events with emotional connection, which facilitates true engagement. Virtual events are remote by nature. Pathos Metaverse solves this lack of connection by integrating the organic nature of in-person networking with a highly accessible virtual platform that opens your event to participation from anywhere on the planet through our own immersive world.

Connect global audiences seamlessly

Pathos Metaverse connects brands to a global audience in 3D worlds through browser-based accessibility. We already use it for virtual events and building custom branded locations. We’ve updated the Metaverse and Hybrid Events to make them Super Hybrid. These new features take advantage of Pathos’ unique capabilities to create lasting connections.

Imagine walking into a real life networking event and hearing a conversation that you would like to participate in. You walk over to the group of people and start to network. Half of the people in the group you speak with are distant and participate virtually, but they stand there as avatars, fully engaged and present in the physical event. It’s an organic and seamless connection to a new world.

Alt Ethos launches with a online seminar at June 24, 2021, with a few select VIP views from the easily accessible browser-based Pathos metaverse. Simply register on the link to become eligible for our VIP event. Our exclusive interactive physical designs are unique and have delighted fans of pre and post pandemic events thanks to clients such as Google, Meow Wolf, L’Oréal and CODAworx, among others. Your event can become an experience modeled not only on revenue generation, but also inclusiveness and accessibility, providing an exciting opportunity to engage your audience in a truly hybrid way.

About Alt Ethos:

Alt Ethos is an experiential design agency. The company creates virtual environments and personalized immersive worlds that come to life. Our talented team transforms customer visions into engaging experiences, delivering memorable experiences across multiple platforms. Our CEO, Ethan Bach, has 25 years of experience in events and a lifetime of dedication to creating media that elicit emotional responses. Ethan holds a Masters of Fine Arts from RPI in Electronic Arts and has worked as a researcher and principal investigator on NSF and DoD-funded grants in Immersive Interactivity.

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