Hundreds of people streamed into the heart of downtown Palm Springs on Saturday. It was all part of an effort to help save the Plaza Theater.

“We just had a very old theater that needs a lot of love. Packed full, with lots of laughs,” said Palm Springs Plaza Theater Foundation President JR Roberts.

Saturday, the cast of the sitcom, frasergathered to raise funds for the historic Palm Springs Plaza Theater.

Widely known for co-creation fraserDavid Lee has pledged $5 million to kick-start his renovation.

“You know, it’s just a shame to have an asset like this sitting here that’s going to get lost in the middle of downtown Palm Springs,” Lee said.

Lee, now a Palm Springs resident, said he’s been coming to the Plaza Theater since he was a kid.

“God, in the mid 80’s I came to this cinema and saw the movie Porky’s,” Lee added, “And I’ve been aware of that the whole time the Follies are playing here, but then it kind of fell apart and I thought, well, that’s too bad. Let’s do something to change that. »

Participants were able to discover how the series was created with the first episode, as well as a meeting with the creators.

“I’m having a great time. And then coming back and seeing the first episode while they were rewatching it, I loved it,” said contestant Jarred Fiorda.

Cast fraser

The Plaza Theatre, built in 1936, closed its doors 8 years ago.

“It’s like the dead centre, just opposite the oasis hotel. this one must be saved, as it must be done,” said participant Landon Morris.

For 80 years it has hosted many major events and shows throughout the city’s history.

“It’s never been renovated, which shows how well built it is,” Roberts said, “But it’s really tired and everything needs replacing. But when you walk into the theater, even though it’s old and tired, you feel the magic.”

The project is expected to cost up to $12 million. Not only a major renovation for the historical monument, but a restoration of life in the theater.

“I’ve been walking past this theater for years and I think we should all come together to support the follies, support this theater, get it rebuilt so that generation after generation can see this amazing architecture,” exclaimed Morris, “C is the story right here!”

All money used to buy tickets for Saturday’s event will go to the theater renovation project.

If you would like to donate to the project, click here.