Calumet Theater Company board chairman Dan Jamison said the venerable historic building’s operating entity has accepted a new insurance policy for the venue. Not only is the coverage more comprehensive than its predecessor, it is specially designed for the entertainment industry. Jamison says a copy was sent to Calumet Village Director Amber Goodman for the town to review. The new policy brings the village and the theater closer together.

Part of the delay was due to the fact that the village of Calumet was listed as “additional insured”.

Intertwining the two has been a goal on both sides, following a board reshuffle in the fall. Previously, Calumet acted more as an owner than a partner, which resulted in a communication breakdown during the pandemic.

Jamison says the policy is already in place.

Everything is effective since December 11.

The village officially sent a letter to the board of directors of the theater company terminating the previous lease contract due to the lapse of insurance coverage. Jamison has said in several board meetings that he welcomes demands on his organization and wants to replace the old lease with a partnership agreement.

At the council meeting last week, at which Jamison was not in attendance as he prepared for a West Coast vacation, Goodman told the body she had not heard any updates from the park Keweenaw National Historic Site on their review of the theater envelope. He seeks to determine any potential issues with the exterior, insulation, roof, and other components that help protect the ornate design of the century-old structure. The hope is to see a project completed at the start of the new year.