The Royal Majesty title was up for grabs inside the Rozsa Center on Saturday night. The coronation ceremony began at 7:00 a.m. and recognized “students for their excellence in the community and on campus.” Eight candidates were vying for the crown. Abbie Bethune won the title of queen. The first finalist was Erika Gabriel and the second was Tierra Kelley. Bethune was chosen as the people’s choice and Gabriel chose Miss Congeniality.

Bethune is a fourth-year civil engineering student sponsored by Alpha Gamma Delta, Sigma Tau Gamma, and Celebrations Bridal. Gabriel is a member of the varsity women’s soccer team sponsored by Phi Kappa Tau and North Wind Books. She is from Grandville. Kelley traveled the furthest to be part of Michigan Tech. Originally from Bakersfield, Calif., she says adapting to winter took time. It was sponsored by Delta Zeta and The Den.

The all-nighter is still two days away, but special events have taken place inside the John MacInnes Student Ice Arena to the intramural softball fields and several locations in between. Phi Kappa Tau (men’s division), Alpha Sigma Tau (women’s division) and St. Albert the Great University Parish (mixed division) won snow volleyball held on January 29.

Curling and snow soccer also took place. Alpha Sigma Tau (women’s division), Phi Kappa Tau (men’s division) and St. Albert the Great University Parish (mixed division) were top of the curling sheet. The Gunners (men’s division), Guardians of the North (mixed division) and Alpha Sigma Tau (women’s division) were the best on the field.

You can also see some photos from the human ice bowling, which took place on Tuesday night and Thursday, below. Michigan Tech celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Winter Carnival this year.