Substack hires Amazing Spider-Man writer Nick Spencer as the newsletter company expands beyond journalism and into comics and fiction.

Substack has hired comic book writer Nick Spencer as the newsletter company expands its platform beyond comic book and fiction journalism.

Spencer, who wrote for Captain America and The Incredible Spider-Man, was hired to offer Substack Pro prepayment deals to other comic book authors. “We see anything that shows promise as a priority, and fiction is starting to show promise,” said Hamish McKenzie, co-founder of Substack. Business intern.

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According to Insider, the Substack Pro program is primarily aimed at non-fiction writers and works the same way publishers pay their writers; authors receive an advance as well as a percentage of future sales. However, for comic book writers, Substack has built a new revenue model.

Spencer’s role will be to make deals with the comic book creators, which will allow them to hire a small production team and other artists to create their content. According to Mackenzie, creators will own the IP through the Substack model and “with Substack Pro they get the resources they need right off the bat.”

Substack is a newsletter company that allows editors to publish their own newsletters and collect revenue through subscriptions. Pushing beyond journalism is part of Substack’s growth strategy as it faces increased competition from companies like Ghost or social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Diversifying into comics, Substack will now face Marvel, DC, independent publishers as well as Patreon, GoComics and Webtoon.

“The best creators do well for themselves, but the vast majority of comic book creators really have a hard time making their own way or having day jobs, so the idea of ​​another source of income will be, j ‘I’m sure, very attractive,’ said Abraham Riesman. , author of True believer, a biography of comic book icon Stan Lee. Reisman also explained that sometimes writers turn to independent editors for more creative control. “It’s great for them, but a lot of times the creative work suffers because – and this is where Substack comes in – there’s a minimum of editing,” Reisman said.

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