The DSU Stampede came in full force in DSU football’s home opener against Sacramento State. With the expansion of Greater Zion Stadium, DSU has been able to adapt to the increase in the number of spectators. Photo of Emily Wight.

With the expansion of Greater Zion Stadium, Dixie State University saw its attendance increase this fall compared to past sporting events.

By reaching a record number of participants, athletes and coaches are giving even more support to DSU athletes. Jason Boothe, executive director of athletics, said DSU saw more 8,000 participants in the last football match on Sept. 11 against Weber State University.

“In 2019, we have an average of 3,791 fans across six games, ” said Booth.

The expansion wasn’t just athletic-specific but was also extended to house the community for gatherings such as the July 4th Concert Series.

“It has been extended to both our events and to external events like July 4th”, said Booth. “This is the largest outdoor venue south of Provo, so we want to host as many events as possible and be a gathering place for our community.

Adapting to greater participation is important for community engagement between the university and the surrounding inhabitants for sports support.

“The excitement definitely rises with a bigger crowd because the atmosphere is more intense,” said Max Christensen III, a major junior in media studies from Smithfifield.

Since DSU has been in Division I for over a year now, more and more fans are heading to anticipated games like soccer. Greater community involvement and greater energy from the students was seen in the last soccer game.

“In the Weber State game on September 11, our entire section was full 45 minutes before kick-off,” Stampede president Dallas Clifford said. “It was one of the best energies and participation I have seen at DSU. We don’t just see it in football, we’ve had a lot of participation in volleyball and men’s and women’s football. ”

With increasing attendance and the Grande Sion Ex stagepansion, this has been a huge accomplishment for DSU. The community has space for larger events, allowing the university to bond with the community.

To follow DSU athletics, you can check the DSU Athletics Calendar for the next matches.