All systems are ready for a rally in Anaheim, CA May 2-5, 2022!
The staff at Catersource + The Special Event are delighted to provide you with the means to network, learn and get excited about a growing industry again. Here is an update on everything that is happening.

REGISTRATION: Registrations are open! Super Early Bird rates are in effect until February 1, 2022. Take advantage of the lowest prices available and enjoy exclusive access to webinars, virtual events, networking meetings, session previews and more Exciting appetizers related to the show that only registered participants can receive. If you want the pre-show scoop to get up to speed, head over to to review pricing packages.

CALL FOR SPEAKERS: Our call for speakers has ended and the full educational program will launch on February 2nd. Right now, go to to view information on evening events and some of our top sessions. We are so excited that we can bring you the best and the brightest in Live Education!

PRIZE COMPETITION: The Nomination Portal for the Special Events Gala, Catersource ACE and ICA CATIE Awards ends January 15, 2022, so it’s time to participate in your Special Events! Nominees will be announced via a special invitation only circulated towards the end of March; the prizes will be presented at a location to be determined in the Anaheim area.

Categories have been revamped to include virtual and hybrid events. Go to to be entered no later than January 15, 2022.


It was a whirlwind of site visits in Anaheim, California and surrounding cities, when the Catersource + The Special Event teams visited the last week of October. Where will the Thursday evenings and lunch take place? With the help of Visit Anaheim, we visited several of the most intriguing. Check out the photo gallery for an overview of the possibilities. When are we going to announce? Stay tuned!

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