WACO, Texas – Silent House Theater Co. presents the show I and You, and makes it accessible to the deaf community. The shows performed in ASL will take place on October 1 and 8.

“People don’t really think of a blind person who comes to see a show or a deaf person who comes to see the show,” said performer Alex Blanton. “And I want Silent House to think about it.”

Blanton also helps with deaf awareness at Silent House.

She said accessibility isn’t something that is always on people’s minds, so that’s her mission at Silent House.

“Our main goal is to make sure that all of our shows are accessible to the community because I know that while there are a lot of shows in Waco, accessibility is not as prominent as you want it to be.” , Blanton mentioned.

Blanton said his goal was to eventually have all deaf shows that would include deaf actors and directors.

Brayden Braziel is one of the owners of Silent House, and she says that since meeting Blanton she has become more aware of accessibility needs.

“I’m more aware that there isn’t a lot of accessibility here, so if we can provide even a small amount of it and start small and allow it to grow and gain confidence deaf communities, I’m ‘here for that,’ Braziel said.

Not only do they want to provide access to the deaf community, but to all types of people, whatever their needs.

Silent House also offers acting lessons for the hearing and the deaf.

A portion of the proceeds from the shows will go to Mission Waco.

The show is at the Jubilee Theater October 1-3 and October 8-10. You can buy tickets here.