Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), the Dutch gambling watchdog, revealed on Thursday that two operators had halted their offer to customers in the Netherlands.

Illegal gambling operators cease operations, says Saudi Arabia

The gambling regulator said LCS Limited and MKC Limited had stopped offering their services to Dutch customers. Calling them illegal gambling providers, the KSA recalled that the action comes after imposing a corrective sanction against the operators. Previously, the regulator ordered the two operators to pay a fine.

Illegal online gambling providers LCS Limited and MKC Limited have halted their offer to Dutch consumers after the Gaming Authority imposed a corrective sanction on them,

reads a statement published by the Kansspelautoriteit

However, the penalty was only applicable if LCS Limited and MKC Limited did not discontinue their offer to Dutch customers. Now, since both gambling websites have stopped offering services to customers in the Netherlands, the KSA has said they won’t have to pay the penalty. Nevertheless, the Kansspelautoriteit has pledged to monitor the situation and ensure that the two operators will not restore their services for Dutch customers.

LCS and MKC were ordered to pay a fine of €165,000 and €84,000 respectively. These sums were to be paid if the offer was not interrupted. LCS and MKC didn’t let it go that far. Saudi Arabia will continue to monitor whether the situation remains the same,

added the game watchdog

The KSA has issued cease and desist orders against the operators

The recent action comes after Saudi Arabia issued a cease and desist order against the two operators in early September. According to the regulator, MKC Limited was illegally offering online gambling to Dutch customers via at least one website. The operator’s cease and desist order was announced on September 7, 2022 and the regulator warned that a fine of €28,000 ($27,200) per week up to a maximum of €84,000 ($81,500) would apply unless the operator ceases to offer services to customers in the Netherlands.

Similarly, the KSA issued a cease and desist order against LCS Limited, claiming the operator was offering services illegally through at least one website. The regulator has warned that unless LCS Limited stops offering services to Dutch customers, a penalty of €55,000 ($53,400) per week, up to a maximum of €165,000 ($160,100) will apply.

The Netherlands has introduced strict new conditions for online gambling. The strict new measures came into force on October 1, 2021 and aimed to create a safe and regulated market for online gamblers.

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