WERNER PARK, Neb. (WOWT) – A serial car burglar has stalked parking lots where victims pay attention to the action on the ground. It’s a warning to sports fans around the world.

A suspect stealing credit cards outside of sporting events is repeatedly filmed in a similar uniform.

“She was extremely astute. As you can see here on camera, she wears a hat, mask and sunglasses and keeps her head down as she walks in and out of stores, ”said Det. Matt Barrall, Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office.

Detective warns fans are parking outside Werner Park must be careful when leaving valuables behind.

“Yeah always, I always hide something, put something on a purse so yeah,” one fan said.

During the last two homestays, two fans present Storm chasers games left valuables in unlocked vehicles.

“At Werner Park, she stole both a wallet and a purse that were sitting on seats in the car,” Barrall said.

Before the ninth round, the suspect uses the victim’s credit card at a Walmart just down Highway 370. She buys little merchandise and focuses on loading $ 400, which is the maximum allowed for them. gift cards.

It’s not just a few Werner Park fans teaching a lesson. Do not leave valuables like your wallet in plain view inside your car and be sure to lock it before you leave.

A few football fans might make this pitch after falling victim to the same car burglar in Gretna. She is also suspected of stealing credit cards from vehicles at other sporting events in the area, then going to stores and loading gift cards.

$ 2,800 to date.

“She’s been hit at least six or seven times and never let her guard down until this time,” Barrall said.

An accomplice parked at a motel near Gretna Walmart where the credit card theft suspect removes a hat and mask before getting into the car without license plates.

An MP thought to check surrounding businesses for a security camera video. It is the police who throw a curve on a suspect who hides his identity.

If you can identify him, call him Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office or Sarpy Crime Stoppers at 402-592-7867.

The Stormchasers general manager said staff are doing their best to protect themselves against theft, but fans should be careful of valuables.

So far, there have been no similar reports of theft of official bundles used by College World Series fans. These are supervised by officers on leave.

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