San Antonio Classical Theater operated for some time without real theater. Jimmy Moore is their artistic director, a San Antonian who returned from New York to lead the company that was housed for years right next to the Woodlawn Theater.

“During COVID, we let that space go, and we were at one point the only theater in San Antonio that was producing live during the pandemic,” Moore said. “And we were able to do that because of a really wonderful partnership with the San Antonio Botanical Gardens.”

Their outdoor performances at the Botanical Garden allowed the company to diversify even more widely.

“This season, season 15, is called New places, new facesand we take our shows to several specific locations downtown and in San Antonio,” he said.

The idea is to present the masterpieces in a pop-up fashion in places where you might not expect them. Their first production is called Roostersand it will be performed at La Zona, the new downtown performance space on West Commerce Street next to TPR headquarters.

“It’s a found space where we’re really going to set up a theater in a backyard and play this great classic of Chicano literature,” Moore said. “And it’s a story of a father and son in a cockfighting business. And they really fight for supremacy within their family. It’s a beautiful story with magical realism. We have dancers representing the roosters.

Moore is also enthusiastic about the location of La Zona itself.

“It’s really shady and pleasant. In the evening you will have nice theater seats,” he said. “You will be able to taste superb Aguas Frescas while you are with us. And I think you’re going to be able to really enjoy this really amazing American tale about an American family and what they’re dealing with.

Roosters plays Thursday through Sunday, September 8 through September 25.