90 Days of Writing Prompts helps writers generate new ideas to take their writing journey to the next level.

Most, if not all, writers encounter creative blocks at some point in their careers. Although the way it manifests differs from writer to writer, creative blocks are frustrating and can make a writer doubt their skills. Resilient Writers aims to make the fight easier with a free resource curated by experts to help writers kick-start their creative flow and get their ideas to paper. 90 Days of Writing Prompts offers 90 ideas, each completely unique, that writers can build on and use as direction for their writing. Prompts include ideas for fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and blog writing.

“When I’m finishing books, I use writing prompts to help me generate new work aligned with my book’s theme. It’s worked for me with poetry and with fiction. Prompts are a tool essential in any writer’s toolbox,” says Rhonda Douglas, published author, editor, creativity coach and founder of Resilient Writers.

Writing prompts allow writers to practice their craft without overthinking and without the pressure of perfection. They have the creative freedom to interpret the prompts as they want to create a fantasy world, eldritch characters, or something completely different.

Douglas’ 90 writings inspire writers to step out of their comfort zone and try new perspectives. The goal is to stimulate their creativity and inspire them to perfect their art. For new writers, prompts can serve as a springboard for mastery and self-discovery. They learn to understand their writing style, their strengths, their weaknesses, and the distractors that prevent them from exploring their potential.

By writing regularly, writers can naturally begin to incorporate writing into their daily lives, making it easier to focus and enjoy writing again. 90 Days of Writing Prompts comes with a free, custom-designed Writer’s Weekly Planner to organize things and track progress over 90 days. This way writers can plan their writing time more efficiently and be the productive writers they are meant to be.

In addition to this, Douglas offers several other free resources and paid programs that help committed writers focus and break free from pitfalls. She is particularly passionate about supporting female writers to finally publish their first books, empowering them to pursue their writing dreams.

Its programs include First Book Finish, Developmental Editing and Creativity Coaching. She also offers a monthly subscription program, The Writer’s Flow Studio, where writers can overcome their fears to build momentum and establish a writer’s life with focus and flow.

Access 90 days of writing prompts for free here: https://www.resilientwriters.com/blog/90-writing-prompts. Learn more about resilient writers here: https://resilientwriters.com/.

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