The ‘Regulating the Game’ regulatory program is expected to welcome international visitors in 2022 after the announcement this week that the NSW government will remove quarantine requirements for international arrivals to the state from. November, 1st.

“Regulating the Game” is a 5-day gaming regulation training program to be held in Sydney, Australia and co-developed by Senet and the International Gaming Regulatory Center (ICGR).

Scheduled for March 7-11, 2022, there are only 137 days until the welcome reception is held on the former Royal Australian Navy ship HMAS Vampire.

Organizers said the course will be a “wonderful checkpoint to start redefining the conversation about gambling policy and regulation, building individual and sectoral capacity and resilience, reconnecting with colleagues, and making new connections and friendships. , as you expand your network.

“Bringing together regulatory and industry stakeholders for an immersive shared experience of gaming regulatory policy and practice, contributing to discussions and exchanging ideas and ideas with fellow participants is important in helping to reset the dialogue and focus on capacity building, cultivate an innovative culture focused on compliance. for the improvement of the industry and the advancement of efficient and effective public policy and regulation.

“The program ensures that participants access the latest thinking and knowledge, apply the principles in practice and have the opportunity to compare regulatory frameworks and approaches, as well as gain unparalleled experience with thought leaders and experts. Australian and international practitioners.

“We believe that the discussion, debate and exchange of ideas, as well as the shared experience within the program helps perspective and understanding, and the connections you make, will support continued collaboration and expand your influence and your impact. “

Registration for “Regulating the Game” is now available at

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