WEST LAFAYETTE — Purdue University will salute President Mitch Daniels and the unprecedented impact of the Daniels Decade through a series of celebratory and uplifting public events during the first week of December.

The Purdue Board of Directors Invites the Greater Lafayette Campus and Community to “MitchFest,” Activities That Will Include an Outdoor Campus Festival on Dec. 2, a Freedom of Inquiry Symposium on Dec. 5, and a Conversation of the series of presidential conferences between former US President George W. Bush and President Daniels on December 6.

“Mitch has been a transformational leader for the university, and we want to send him out in style,” said Mike Berghoff, chairman of Purdue’s trustees. “Although he never likes the spotlight to be on him, President Daniels deserves recognition for all he has done for our students, faculty, staff, and the entire state. Indiana.”MitchFest” is just a small token of our collective appreciation – complete with laughter, cheers, and opportunities to once again exchange world-changing ideas with faculty, staff, the students, alumni, and members of the community that President Daniels cherishes so much.

Listing major achievements during the Daniels Decade individually through a series of milestones resulted in a collective giant leap for Purdue, impacting tens of thousands of students, faculty and staff, transforming the landscape of higher education and demonstrating the vital role that universities can play in promoting economic development and success at the local, state, national and global levels.

  • Advance student affordability, aided by a decade-long tuition freeze and save students and families over $1 billion.
  • Lead unprecedented enrollment growth.
  • Setting new fundraising heights, including the Ever True campaign, raising over $2.5 billion and launching the ongoing annual Purdue Day of Giving.
  • Expanding the university’s land-grant mission through the establishment of Purdue Global and Purdue Polytechnic high schools.
  • Directing more than $500 million into facility improvement projects, forever changing the way learning and research are delivered on campus.
  • Champion university-led economic development and growth through major efforts such as Discovery Park District at Purdue.
  • For a roundup of highlights from the Daniels decade, go here.

“There is no other university leader like Mitch Daniels. President Daniels made Purdue the most important public university in the United States during the Daniels decade,” said Purdue president-elect, Mung Chiang: “Our university has broken all-time records for student access and success, research and innovation, and transformative growth. Mitch is also America’s most innovative president: affordability through freeze tuition, land grants in the 21st century through Purdue Global, and economic growth in Indiana through entrepreneurship and the Discovery Park District.No event can encompass the full impact it has had, and MitchFest is one of the many ways we will say ‘thank you’ to President Daniels.”

Kicking off MitchFest week is a community-wide Mitch Streetfest, beginning at 1:30 p.m. on Friday, December 2, at the corner of State and Grant streets, with an appearance by members of the Purdue Marching Band.” All-American” and Purdue Pete. Gifts, cold weather refreshments and opportunities for all to wish President Daniels well and take selfies with him on the Purdue Memorial Union lawn are also planned.

The symposium, “Freedom of Inquiry and the Advancement of Knowledge,” is set for 6 p.m. on Monday, December 5, at Fowler Hall at the Stewart Center. Steven Schultz, Purdue’s general counsel, will host the event, which is free and open to the public. Three leading free speech experts who will join Schultz on stage are:

  • Keith Whittington, William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Politics at Princeton University, who has written extensively on free speech, constitutional law, history and politics.
  • Nadine Strossen, John Marshall Harlan II Professor of Law, Emeritus at the New York School of Law and former president of the American Civil Liberties Union.
  • Glenn Loury, Paulson Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and Merton P. Stoltz Professor of Economics at Brown University.

Former US President Bush will share the stage with Daniels for the final event of Daniels’ presidential speaking series at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, December 6 at the Elliott Hall of Music. The free event, titled “A Conversation with George W. Bush,” is sold out.

Co-sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts, the Presidential Lecture Series event features a discussion between Bush and Daniels about leadership in difficult times and the responsibilities of informed citizenship. Daniels served as President Bush’s first budget director from 2001 to 2003.

Other events with Purdue management and key personnel; with elders, community and state leaders; and with faculty are also planned as part of MitchFest to celebrate the Daniels Decade of Preeminent Leadership.

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