The 10th annual PROTOTYPE: Opera / Theater / Now festival in New York has been announced and is scheduled to take place January 7-16, 2022.

The showcase will feature four world premieres produced by a total of 600 diverse artists.

The first will be “The All Sing” composed by Daniel Bernard Roumain and written by Marc Bamuthi Joseph. The work will be directed by Carolyn Kuan. The book will bring together more than 1,000 people.

Next up will be “The Hang” by Taylor Mac and Matt Ray. The work “imagines the last moments of Socrates’ life as a secular hanging. The show invites the audience to a joyful ritual that celebrates homosexuality, consideration and the eternity of the moment.

Audiences will also see “Trade / Mary Motorhead” by Emma O’Halloran and Mark O’Halloran. The Double Bill will be directed by Tom Creed and directed by Julian Wachner.

The public will also be able to discover “Cannabis! By Grace Galu and Baba Israel. A Vaudeville Viper. The work, which explores the history of cannabis in the United States and its impact on humanity, will be co-led by Talvin Wilks and Baba Israel.

Finally, the festival will present a preview of “Book of Mountains and Seas”. The work was written and composed by Huang Ruo and will be conducted by Basil Twist. Paul Hillier directs. The work is inspired by Chinese myths from the 4th century BC.


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