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  • Student loans and financial literacy
  • Layaway programs


  • Senior Video Journalist – Wall Street Journal (new York)
  • Video Producer – Barron’s (new York)


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Student loans and financial literacy
Tim walley
Financial Education Supervisor
Caisse populaire iQ
“Start with the basics. List all your loans, you could have over a dozen federal or private loans, all in one place, including principal balance, interest rate, loan term, first payment due date, service and payment details, and respective customer service contact details. Then figure out what your monthly minimums are, if you don’t already know, use a loan calculator to find out. your grace period, you will also be able to choose a repayment plan for your federal loans, those that do not make a selection will default to the standard 10 year plan with a fixed payment amount. debt is where it sits in the order of financial transactions. Is it more important than investing? Does it have to be paid off before you start saving for retirement? “
Tim can discuss everything related to student loans, financial skills students should learn, and credit cards.
Media contact: Janet Jump, [email protected]

Layaway programs
Bob Moulton
National Jewelry and Pledges, Inc.
Big box retailers like Wal-Mart are abandoning their layaway programs and turning to online financing options instead. What options does this leave for consumers who do not qualify or prefer not to take on debt?
As pawn shops, we know of clients who have little or no access to credit cards or other traditional banking products. Layaway allows them to spread the cost of your merchandise over several smaller, more affordable payments. Unlike credit cards, layaway plans like ours don’t charge interest on the outstanding balance.
Media contact: Cyndee Harrison, [email protected]


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