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  • How to thwart phishing attacks
  • Watch Expert for National Watch Day
  • Economic and environmental benefits of hemp
  • Transition Policy Division
  • Keep in touch with your student child
  • How to eat healthy and support local farmers
  • Expert in business transformation
  • Father’s Day forgiveness tips
  • Things to ask your obstetrician


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  • Blog Profiles: LGBTQ + Parent Blogs

How to thwart phishing attacks
Eyal benishti
“Phishing is an epidemic, and everyone is a target today. It’s not just big business anymore, it’s everyone’s problem.”
Eyal can discuss the current state of phishing attacks and offer expert advice on why current solutions don’t go far enough to stop them and what businesses can do about them.
Website: ferscales.com
Media contact: Matt Scofield, [email protected]

Watch Expert for National Watch Day
Bob Moulton
National pawn
Bob Moulton is widely regarded as one of the the United States the best pawn shops and an avid watch collector.
The national day before is June 19. My subject matter experts can answer interesting questions, comments, and photos that explore common questions about this universal accessory, including: Do luxury watches retain their value in the age of the Apple Watch and trackers of fitness? How to maintain a luxury watch? What makes a great first piece for someone who wants to start a watch collection? What’s a good gift for a watch collector or a budding watch collector? Should I buy a luxury watch on Marketplace or Offerup?
Website: www.nationalpawnshops.com
Media contact: Cyndee Harrison, [email protected]

Economic and environmental benefits of hemp
Matthew Harmon
Matthew Harmon
“The recent Farm Bill that deprogrammed hemp could benefit the United States in many ways, such as providing an economically and environmentally sustainable option for several products, creating jobs and boosting the economy. We are already seeing this in many other countries as they are taking full advantage of industrial hemp and reaping the benefits. “
Can discuss the economic and environmental benefits of hemp, what the United States can do to become self-sufficient in hemp, and how investors can seize this lucrative business opportunity.
Website: hempguide.com
Media contact: Klaudia Simon, [email protected]

Transition Policy Division
Jeff Krasno
Media of the Municipality
“The cultural chasm that opens between Americans has never been wider or deeper. We are locked in tribes of political identities, tied by our ankles to the thoroughbred of social media that gallops to an extreme or another dragging us on, leaving our nation pulled and torn apart. In pursuit of common ground, maybe it’s time for left and right to take a hard look at themselves. “
Can discuss finding a middle way in a politically polarized landscape and bridging political divisions.
Website: jeffkrasno.com
Media contact: Anita Jakab Kovacs, [email protected]

Keep in touch with your student child
Tracy schactman
3 tips for staying connected to your student, from a mom who’s been there. “Let’s face it, by the time our kids enter college, we’re no longer the CEO of their lives. They’ve long since fired us from that role. But if we as parents are open to change, with healthy communication and a little effort, we will eventually have the chance to be rehired into a new role, as a trusted consultant. Which, I have to say, is pretty awesome. “
Stay in the children’s lives when they go to college, without being intrusive.
Website: www.SendingSun.com
Media contact: Anita Jakab Kovacs, [email protected]

How to eat healthy and support local farmers
Allison smith
Founding partner
Olivette Riverside Community and Farm
“Community Supported Agriculture is a great way to support local agriculture by helping farmers offset operational expenses and reduce the environmental impact of the long distances food travels from farm to fork. “
Can discuss how eating local and eating in season go hand in hand; agrihoods, a national trend of communities designed to foster connections between people, their food and the environment; and post-pandemic housing solutions.
Website: olivettenc.com
Media contact: Anita Jakab Kovacs, [email protected]

Expert in business transformation
Joey klein
International Expert in Business Transformation
The inner matrix
“If you learn and practice the skills and tools to master your inner matrix, you can alter your mental, emotional, physical and intuitive state to realize any vision you have of your life.”
Within each of us lies untapped potential, as well as limiting patterns that can harm our potential and our best selves. Uncovering these core areas and learning to change their established paradigm will lead to a much happier, more productive, and more fulfilling life. Joey guides CEOs and other leaders in harnessing the power of emotion, focus, intuition, and vision to face everyday challenges such as mindfully responding to inboxes filled with hundreds of employees. emails, respond compassionately to questions from new hires and maintain team morale while bringing workers back to the office after more than a year at home.
Website: http://JoeyKlein.com
Media contact: Klaudia simon, [email protected]

Father’s Day forgiveness tips
Dr. Bradley Nelson
Holistic physician and author
Dr. Bradley Nelson
“A lot of people find it difficult to let go of the painful memories and feelings of their childhood. How can we heal the wounds of the past so that we can restore relationships and move forward? The key may lie in learning to identify and release trapped emotions. unsettled, unsettling feelings from difficult experiences in our past. “
Dr. Nelson can expand on these tips for releasing emotional baggage: 1. Consider your parents’ emotional baggage. Heart-Walls â„¢ are energy barriers made up of trapped, accumulated negative emotions that can prevent people from freely giving and receiving love. When we understand that our parents’ hearts can be blocked by fear, anger, or other negative emotions, it can help us have compassion, forgive, and let go of our own emotional baggage. 2. Express your opinion without creating drama. Dr. Nelson explains how to deal with callous family members – and where to draw the line. The key: “Make it an emotionless situation.” 3. Learn from your parents’ mistakes. Look at mistakes in a positive light – they have helped you learn what NOT to do.
Website: Dr Bradley Nelson.com
Media contact: Jennifer thomas, [email protected]

Things to ask your obstetrician
Dr. Alain lindemann
Obstetrician and maternal mortality expert
Dr. Alain lindemann
“Choosing an obstetrician is one of the most important health care decisions we make at a critical time in our life: when we are expecting a baby. Whether you choose the doctor who will accompany you with your first pregnancy or your sixth, be sure to ask these questions when choosing your doctor: 1. What is your cesarean rate? 2. Do you have any maternal deaths associated with your childbirth? 3. Will you be the one to deliver my baby? “
Learn to Manage Your Pregnancy – Knowing that we can choose our goals helps change what we don’t like. Managing pregnancy helps moms, dads and babies get better.
Website: LindemannMD.com
Media contact: Jennifer thomas, [email protected]


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