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Constructive dialogue
Lori Britt
Director of the Institute for Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue
James Madison University
COVID-19 vaccination. It is the latest emotionally and politically charged issue requiring urgent decisions from schools, local governments and businesses. And that’s not the only difficult problem these organizations face in our polarized country, as decision-makers from the community level to the United States Congress engage in a series of racial, social and financial issues. Lori Britt, director of the Institute for Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue at James Madison University, can offer valuable insight into how people, communities and organizations can approach difficult conversations. She can discuss: How to keep people at the table, even when problems are difficult The importance of deliberative speech for a healthy democracy Tips for designing and facilitating productive conversations How to bring people together to create collaborative solutions
Website: jmu.edu
Media contact: Ginny Cramer, [email protected]

Pawn shop
Tally mack
Bravo warehouse systems
“We hope to spark an insightful dialogue about the critical nature of non-recourse, secured and secure credit provided by pawn shops millions of times each year. This data can also help clear up the confusion about pawn shops versus other alternative lenders and help the public understand that no other creditor offers the same type of transaction provided by pawn shops. “
Award-winning UX technology in financial services for the unbanked or underbanked
Website: https://www.bravostoresystems.com/
Media contact: Cyndee Harrison, [email protected]

Death sentence
Mark Bookman
Atlantic Center representing the capital
“When you work closely in the system on the defense side, you see how outrageous the death penalty is. talking to the guy – whether he’s seriously mentally ill, malfunctioning, or just done an absolutely terrible thing – the jury would never vote to execute him. Jurors would immediately see the humanity of the person, regardless of how it manifests. “
Any aspect of the death penalty.
Website: https://www.atlanticcenter.org/
Media contact: Tomislav peric, [email protected]

Learn to do on the potty
CEO of the potty school
Pot school
There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the start of the school year this year. But it is a season in which a toilet trained child can be of great help to a family, society and even himself. Not only can a potty trained child help limit the spread of germs in a daycare, but a level of independence and “I can do it!” Does wonders for a child’s attitude and self-image.
Using toilet training as a way to develop a child’s positive self-image
Website: https://www.thepottyschool.com/
Media contact: [email protected], [email protected]

Plant based food lifestyle
Leigh-Anne Wooten
Qualified dietician and expert in nutrition and well-being of the Vitamix® brand
If you want to adopt a more plant-based lifestyle, but all of it intimidates you, start small. Try to commit to it for just one meal or day a week and spend some time researching how to cook a specific thing.
As the market for meat substitutes continues to grow, nutritional concerns, questions and misconceptions surrounding meat substitutes are increasing. As such, many shoppers are looking for some clarification and a starting point on how they can lead a healthy, conscious lifestyle without sacrificing the benefits of abandoning meat in their diets. The key to replacing meat properly, according to Leigh-Anne Wooten, Registered Dietitian and Vitamix® Brand Nutrition and Wellness Expert, begins with plant-based whole foods.
Website: https://www.behindthelabel.biz/our-team and www.vitamix.com
Media contact: Kim wysocki, [email protected]


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