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Some Premier League clubs maintain shirt links with betting and gaming companies while others – such as Crystal Palace – have new offerings. (Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images)

Premier League clubs have been urged to back a voluntary ban on shirt sponsorships linked to gambling companies as England’s footballing elite seek to avoid legislation that could be part of a gambling white paper of money expected in the coming weeks.

According to Sky Sports, the clubs were contacted yesterday by their governing body over the removal of betting sponsors after recent reports suggested political interference could ban gaming companies from being major shirt sponsors.

Almost half of Premier League clubs were involved with betting companies last year, while Everton signed a new deal with Stake.com in June.

“The reality is that all of the Premier League’s commercial revenue is that the ‘big six’ are not dependent on a gaming company, but the other 14 clubs are going to want to challenge that one way or another,” said JMW’s head of sports law. services says Ben Peppi AM City “It looks like the reforms aren’t going to completely eliminate the game from the sport, but that could be the case with the shirts.”

If the Premier League succeeds in implementing this voluntary ban, it is unclear whether the government would back down from tougher measures in the Parliamentary White Paper. The Premier League declined to comment on the reports