Dr. Frieda Wiley explores the drastic impact the pandemic has imposed on remote employees and their mental health in her research-based and relatable book.

I wrote this book, not only as a form of therapy and self-validation, but more importantly, to let others know that they are not alone and to give them hope.

— Dr. Frieda Wiley

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, Oct. 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — When the pandemic sent most of the workforce home to adjust to remote employment, many became it takes l admit, quite comfortable in pajamas. In fact, when employers started asking for a hybrid or full-time return to their companies, employees pushed back. Some also experienced varying degrees of anxiety and had to deal with other mental health issues due to their new home environment. Dr. Frieda Wiley looks at this phenomenon, and the overall effects teleworking continues to have on mental health, in her latest scientific book, “Telecommuting Psychosis: From Surviving to Thriving While Working in Your Pajama Pants available on Amazon”.

Take a closer look at Dr. Wiley’s background, strategy, and relevant release.


When Dr. Wiley began telecommuting as a hybrid employee in 2010, the transition was not as seamless as it has become widely accepted since the pandemic. However, after going 100% remote in 2012, she realized she needed more resources to do her best work. At the time, there were very few books and little research on the mental health effects of working from home. As a lone telecommuter in his ward for over a year, Dr. Wiley had little support within his business and personal life. As a result, she began searching for answers and trying to create her own solutions for the gaps that this phenomenon left hanging and unanswered.

“If we were all to take the same paths, we would all have the same pair of shoes.”
– Dr. Wiley

Dr. Wiley has been a speaker, author, journalist, award-winning writer, pharmacist and telecommuter for over a decade. She spent eight years researching the effects of working from home on mental health and how to protect it. These findings are now being uncovered in his new book, “Telecommuting Psychosis: From Surviving to Thriving While Working in Your Pajama Pants” available on Amazon.

“I wrote this book, not only as a form of therapy and self-validation, but more importantly, to let others know that they are not alone and to give them hope. It is backed by science with recent research, but also written in plain language so everyone can understand it – Dr. Wiley


Dr. Wiley is perhaps well known as a writer for O, The Oprah Magazine, WebMD, Costco Connection, The History Network, The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and US News as well as many pharmaceutical companies, universities and associations, but his keen eye for delving into the common interest and backing up his findings with research to create digestible understanding for the public is most appreciated among these leading news outlets.

Even so, life plans don’t always stay on track with the goal, but often have a bigger purpose. While Dr. Wiley holds undergraduate degrees in biochemistry and Spanish, after a brief career as an aerospace chemist – as a break between degrees – she earned her Ph.D. in hopes of working in industry. pharmaceutical as a researcher.

“Life turned me upside down when a family situation prompted me to quit a government scholarship and pursue the profession of pharmacist instead.
I started freelance writing soon after I started practicing and took the plunge into contract medical writing. – Dr. Wiley

In fact, the journey in crafting this book has given him far more clarity than the research itself. Dr. Wiley discovered her own passion and continues to receive positive feedback about her findings, strategies and perspective.

“It validated a lot of what I’ve experienced around time management, perceptions, healthy practices, and self-awareness. It’s thoughtful and helpful without being judgmental because you’re basing it on personal experience. I really enjoyed reading about ideas to incorporate into how I approach the way I work from my home office, and it also made me think very critically about my workspace.- Anonymous


Dr. Wiley’s vast knowledge and ability to connect and consult led her to found Medvon Media and Consulting, LLC, a company that offers pharmaceutical consulting, strategic planning, medical writing and public speaking services. /training. In the summer of 2022, she also launched Stories Unleashed Publishing LLC, which publishes books and offers public speaking services.

“Most medical writers specialize in either plain language or technical/scientific writing. I am ‘bilingual’ because I do both. Additionally, I draw on my unique experiences in patient care, project management, the pharmaceutical industry, interactions with senior executives, and public speaking to tailor the information to my target audience. – Dr. Wiley

As a pharmacist who has worked from home for over a decade in hybrid and fully remote environments, Dr. Wiley has an intimate understanding of the challenges teleworkers face.

“I’ve spent eight years researching the secrets to mental health and thriving at work. I provide companies, conferences, and more with resources and training on how to ensure their remote and hybrid workers can thrive in a remote environment in terms of productivity, without compromising their health and well-being (mental, emotional and physical) – Dr. Wiley

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