Portsmouth voters will again decide whether or not to allow KENO in restaurants and establishments. The question is on the ballot for the municipal elections on Tuesday.

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In Nashua, voters will decide whether to allow sports betting retail stores to operate within city limits.

Jeff Goss, owner of The Clipper Tavern on Pleasant Street in Portsmouth, says it would be “shameful” for Portsmouth to reject Keno, the electronic bingo-type games, when other communities have had success with it.

“With COVID and everything that has happened to the restaurant industry, it’s another way to help rebuild, to attract more people, to increase your lunch and dinner attendance,” says -he.

In numbers :

  • 84 cities have approved Keno 603 to date
  • 190 establishments currently sell the game
  • 513 – the number of votes lost by the poll question in Portsmouth in 2019 (this vote was 2,967 to 2,454.
  • Keno generated over $ 16.6 million in sales this fiscal year

According to the NH Lottery:

  • Since the start of sports betting at NH, over 65,000 players have signed up and placed over 18 million bets totaling nearly $ 730 million. The New Hampshire Lottery, along with its sports betting provider DraftKings, launched mobile sports betting in late 2019. Since then, Lottyer and DraftKings have opened three retail sports betting sites in Dover, Manchester and Seabrook.
  • In Keno, players choose between one and 12 numbers and every five minutes a computer randomly generates and displays 20 winning numbers from 1 to 80 on a television screen. A player can place a bet of $ 1 to $ 25 per game.