The boss of the central police station Adamson Bungei. [Denish Ochieng, Standard]

The National Police Service and the Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) have launched a multi-agency operation to remove garage owners from the central business district.

Central police station boss Adamson Bungei said The standard that they also work to eradicate gambling, commonly known as pata-potea, and false promotions on the streets of the city.

“We understand that street boys are also human beings but they are not allowed in the CBD, maybe their business is elsewhere but not in town. In our operation in collaboration with NMS, those who are willing to sharing their contact details are taken home and those who have no parents will be rehabilitated, ”he explained.

Mr Bungei urged motorists to pay parking fees to recognized agencies, saying tipping illegal gangs and parking boys contributes to insecurity.

“Garage mechanics don’t exist in town, this job belongs to NMS or those who are responsible for collecting parking fees, others are just criminals and they are not supposed to collect money, that is why we are encouraging Kenyans to do the right thing, ”he said.

A spot check by The standard established that garage-controlled areas include sections of Moi Avenue, Harambee Avenue, Banda Street, Tom Mboya Street, and City Hall Way, among others, in the CBD.

Authorities said some of the mechanics were criminals seeking to search vehicles for valuables before breaking into or vandalizing them.

Following public complaints that people posing as promotional agents for certain companies, the police boss said that NMS had banned gambling on the streets after finding out that those who had licenses were engaged in illegal activities.

“Security agencies have discussed the gambling issue and NMS has suspended the licenses issued due to insecurity and public complaints,” Bungei said.

Players were urged to re-apply for licenses and acquire the premises to practice their trade.

“The licenses have been suspended and others revoked, in this case they have not been canceled, but that means they are no longer in operation,” he explained.

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