In her recent op-ed, “I work in an abortion clinic and I know access to abortion is difficult, even in New Jersey,” Jasmine Winters claims that the Cherry Hill Women’s Center is a provider of complete reproductive health.

I don’t know anything other than abortions and related services offered by the women’s center. On its own website, it states, “CHWC is proudly the only Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) in New Jersey that offers abortion care up to 25 weeks gestation.

Winters, the advocacy coordinator for the clinic, comments on the tactics used by some protesters demonstrating outside the women’s center. I can’t speak for everyone who goes out on the sidewalk. However, I speak on behalf of over 150 40 Days for Life volunteers who stand outside the center in all weathers to pray peacefully and offer hope to women.

We provide tangible and financial resources to those who change their minds and choose life. We walk alongside them in very difficult situations. We have helped more than 80 women to refuse abortion.

Winters are paid to promote abortion. Our only motivation is love.

Abortion is the direct killing of a human being, and while legal in New Jersey, it is wrong.

Winters also writes that people who don’t have insurance should be able to rely on state funding for their abortions. Do you want your taxes to end the life of a child?

Claire Howson, Moorestown

NJ needs to do more on abortion access

The U.S. Supreme Court decision that overturned the earlier abortion decision Roe v. Wade entrusted the struggle for bodily autonomy to the states.

While many in the Garden State feel a sense of security with New Jersey’s current reproductive rights protections, and may turn their gaze to rising inflation or other issues, we cannot sit idly by without Do more.

In New Jersey, state legislation has been proposed by Sen. Teresa Ruiz, D-Essex, that would serve to further strengthen access to reproductive health care. S-2918 and its accompanying House bill, A-4350, seek to strengthen that access in New Jersey. It would guarantee access to contraception and abortion services free of charge, and would allocate 20 million dollars for this purpose.

This is extremely important for those on a limited income, who are undocumented community members, or who must travel for treatment. Another important part of these bills is the New Jersey Consumer Affairs Division and its state board of medical examiners. It is essential to empower this office to provide more training and thereby increase access to abortion care providers.

I sincerely hope that my fellow New Jerseyans who are as outraged as I am will reach out to their lawmakers to get these bills passed. A March 2021 poll conducted by the pro-abortion National Institute for Reproductive Health showed that 63% of New Jersey voters want their state’s lawmakers to prioritize protecting and expanding access to abortion. ‘abortion. May New Jersey be a shining beacon for reproductive freedom.

R. Donohue, Woodbury Heights

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