So welcome to our weekly look at how AMC Fear the living dead and The Walking Dead: The World Beyond build towards the next Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) movies. In particular, we focus on TWD: the world beyond since the series had CRM in its DNA since the first episode. And with the latest episodes at your fingertips and Pollyanna mcintoshWarrant Officer Once Stokes on the Warpath, we’re willing to bet some major revelations will occur as the end credits (or the end credits scene since they’re all the rage now) next Sunday “The Last Léger. ” But before we get to next week, we still have this week to watch. Now let me put something aside when it comes to TWD fear. As disappointed as we were with last week’s “Complaint” (find out why here), we had high hopes that Morgan (Lennie james) would seek to share the CRM information he had with others. Well, that didn’t happen in “The Portrait” this week, so there isn’t much to report. If you’ve seen the episode, you can understand that Morgan was just a little bit “busy” in what might have been the best single episode of any of the three TWDU series to date). So I run the “MAJOR SPOILERS TO COME!“and throwing in an image spoiler stamp as we watch what” Death and the Dead “had to offer, and then come up with our own random speculations on what to expect from the finale.

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S02E09 “Death and the Dead”: In his confrontation with Iris (Aliyah Royale), Hope (Alexa mansour), Felix (Nico Tortorella) & the others with Jennifer / Huck (Annet mahendru) always by his side, Jadis lays out what appears to be the basic foundation for the conflicts we’ve seen and the much more epic conflicts to come. Two years ago, CRM modeling showed that Omaha, Campus Colony & Portland (“The Alliance”) had become too reliant on CRM and would continue to deplete resources, never being able to be self-sufficient. Thus, Omaha and Campus Colony were removed in an attempt to ward off “disease and conflict” from CRM, thus preventing “the last light” of the world from being extinguished. Beyond that we get a ton of build-up and one of those great cliffhangers when all seems lost and our heroes are in mourning, only so that there is still a silver lining that war is. not quite finished yet.

We’re just going to throw this over there …: We have had two cases where there was talk of “resistance” in play, one done by Jadis in reference to what she believed Leo (Joe holt) and the other scientists were doing; another during a conversation Jennifer / Huck has with Felix and Leo about where she and Dennis (Maximilian Osinski) could leave for a new life and continue to struggle with CRM. So here’s a thought. What if Rick led the resistance out of Portland? Just a thought …

S02E10 “The Last Light” Predictions: Okay, let’s start by tackling the 800lb first. empty in the corner of the room. Spoilers are going to be hard to avoid this week as the episode fell early, so I’m dropping them now before my brain gets too corrupted by people who don’t understand the concept of “spoiler pads”. Do I think we’re going to have a Rick Grimes visual of some sort? Maybe a photograph, maybe a voice recording. We could get a little more from Jadis on his trade with Rick for a fresh start. But I think we’re getting something that is going to be a game-changer for the films to come, and maybe an impact on the Daryl (Norman Reedus) & Carole (Melissa McBride) spin off, Tales of the Living Dead, and all other spinoffs that have yet to be announced. Because expectations have piled up, so they’re going to have to deliver at a certain level. As for the current script, I don’t see Jennifer / Huck surviving and I think we’re going to lose one in our main quartet. Would the writers be willing to go really sisters dark and divided for good? The biggest question mark I have, though? Formerly and Julia ormondthis is Elizabeth and what will be the deal because Someone must pay for what happened no matter how it ends.

Imagine if …: Before discussing the reasons why this could not have happened, imagine if it turns out that the Commonwealth is a CRM community capable of becoming self-sufficient.

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