A riot broke out in Oregon City after clashes between the Proud Boys and the Antifa on June 18, 2021. (Zane Sparling / Pamplin Media)

Oregon CITY, Oregon (PORTLAND TRIBUNE) – Following the riot at Clackamette Park, Oregon City is canceling Proud Boys frontman Daniel Tooze’s reservation for a picnic shelter in the park this Friday.

Public records show Tooze had reserved picnic tables in the park for the past three Fridays for “pro-US flag wave and campaign events.”

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Oregon City Police declared a riot shortly before 4 p.m. on Friday, June 18 after clashing with groups of left and right-wing protesters who unleashed pepper spray, fired paintball guns and used their fists to fight over green space at the confluence of the Clackamette and Willamette rivers.

Records obtained by Pamplin Media Group show that one of the two shelters in the park had been booked by Tooze for “horseshoes and a dinner for the flag” on June 25, with an estimated attendance of 50 people at the event. – but the reservation has now been canceled.

Citing the ongoing investigation into the previous riot, OCPD Captain Shaun Davis said he could not disclose any name other than Tooze who has so far been identified on the city’s list for s’ being refused requests to reserve park facilities.

“If we determine that anyone involved in the riot is trying to make a park reservation, that reservation will be denied,” Davis said.

Tooze had previously booked the park’s main shelter on June 4, June 11 and June 18, according to records. After the latest skirmish, Tooze and others wearing the Proud Boys colors hoisted flags for passing motorists on State Route 99E.

Oregon City Parks and Recreation staff marked the horseshoe rink and nearby picnic shelter as “not to be used due to flag display at Clack” on days Tooze had booked. the main pavilion, according to records.

Tooze did not immediately respond to a request for comment, although he told a Pamplin Media reporter on June 18 that the shelter had been booked for a GOP voter registration campaign. Tooze then compared the actions of the black-clad counter-protesters known as the antifa to “silencing the opposing political party, just like the Nazis did.”

An official statement from Oregon City staff called the June 18 violence “unacceptable and does not represent the values ​​and expectations” of the city, community or business. City officials said they were not taking their action to cancel the reservation at Tooze’s picnic shelter lightly.

“However, we are not prepared to risk further property and personal injury caused by the unacceptable behavior of a small group of individuals,” the city statement said. “The city stands alongside peaceful, non-violent groups who want to encourage and engage in conversation, the free exchange of ideas and community healing.

Oregon City officials expect parks to be used responsibly so that all visitors can safely exercise their rights, minds and bodies. They plan to act immediately to close the parks in response to the violent protests, as they did at Clackamette Park on June 18.

“Our parks are a necessity because they make us healthier as individuals, they are places where we can come together and enjoy our beautiful city and, most importantly, they help build stronger communities,” city ​​officials wrote. “This is your park. The city is there to manage them responsibly and to ensure that all visitors can use our parks safely.

Other than a case from last year, Davis said he is not aware of any other Proud Boys or anti-fa members who have allegedly been charged with crimes in Oregon City.

“We are trying to identify all of the people who were in the riot and if they committed any crimes,” Davis said. “We are also trying to identify the victims and determine whether they wish to come forward as victims and pass this information on to the district attorney’s office.”

The costs are advancing

The Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office has charged alleged Proud Boys member Cole Robert Scott, 26, with the felony of unlawful use of a weapon, threat and failure to perform driving duties related to a Bar fight in Oregon City in August 2020; Scott faces a July 2 court hearing on the charges.

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