SEN. Panfilo Lacson warned over the weekend that E-Sabong, or online game, “is destroying lives and families.”

“This is having dire consequences for many Filipinos, so it is time for the government to pay urgent attention to the problem,” Lacson said, speaking mainly in Filipino.

The senator issued the warning at a “Kumustahan” press conference in San Rafael, Bulacan, stressing that online gambling is high on the list of “serious societal issues” now plaguing more Filipinos. .

“A father in Pampanga has accumulated debts of 600,000 P because of E-Sabong. He committed suicide, leaving his children behind. Spo, social issues follow, ”Lacson told reporters.

Echoing serious concerns that online gambling is more addictive than actual gambling, the senator pointed out: The government also cannot fully regulate online gambling because the law is limited to this type of activity.

Lacson warned that in online gambling, “bettors don’t see the real money bet coming out, so they just go ahead and that’s where the social problems arise.”

He said they would also be reviewing “E-Sabong” as well as all other betting games using the Internet. “There is no law governing E-Sabong and the proposal to have government craft rules for it remains pending at the Senate committee level,” he said.

For his part, Senate President Vicente Sotto III, Lacson’s running mate in the 2022 race, predicts that lawmakers will find themselves stuck in the middle to draft a law regulating cockfighting.

My take there is, we’re caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Why? If you don’t give them a franchise, they will continue to operate, but illegally. And when we say illegal, since it’s online, cheating is possible.

On the flip side, Sotto added, “If you give them a franchise, then you face the problem that Senator Lacson points out – it becomes a problem for a lot of people. It’s not only at the national level, but also internationally, right?