EVANSVILLE, Indiana (WFIE) – Over the past week, Old National Events Plaza investigated as part of a larger campaign to find out why vaccination rates appear to be stagnating in Vanderburgh County.

Site officials have partnered with the Vanderburgh County Department of Health in this effort.

As of Thursday, the county’s vaccination rate was around 52%, a mere 1.1% increase from the week before.

At this rate, the Ministry of Health is worried about reaching collective immunity.

The Old National Events Plaza survey asked questions to determine what demographics were not vaccinated and why they had not yet received their vaccines.

Data on Thursday showed that most young people were not getting the vaccine and that black and Latino communities had disproportionate immunization levels.

In many of these cases, their survey responses indicated that they simply needed more information.

Art McDonald, a marketer who works with the NAACP and the Evansville African American Museum, is contributing to the campaign.

He said that many people find it difficult to discern what is true about the vaccine due to many common myths and false reports online that claim the vaccine is dangerous. Some also have a certain mistrust of the government because of previous discrimination.

Their goal now is to help people go through all the information to make the best decision for themselves.

Once the polls are completed by Sunday, officials will calculate the numbers to put together the best informational marketing campaign possible.

Officials said they plan to call it “Back the Vax with Facts.”

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