Monday, May 23, 2022 4:23 p.m.

New data has revealed that nearly two-thirds of bettors (65%) believe there is a significant or substantial risk that setting limits on the amount of money spent on bets would drive more people into the black market by unsafe and unregulated line.

The latest YouGov poll found almost 56% of bettors think the government shouldn’t set limits on the amount of money they can bet.

Commenting on the findings, Betting and Gaming Council CEO Michael Dugher said the results show “how outraged bettors will be if the government listens to anti-gambling bans who want to intrude on privacy and freedom of people’s choice, requiring personal documents before they can. making a bet, and forbidding things”.

“People think politicians live on a different planet as it is. Telling them what they can and cannot do with their own time and money is not going to help correct that perception,” he explained.

The news comes as Gambling Commission chairman Marcus Boyle suggests the watchdog is pushing for tougher measures to be imposed on gambling operators.

“We will not tolerate the weakest attitude of conformity as sufficient,” Boyle wrote in The temperatureadding that licenses will be revoked if playing standards are not met”.

“Operators can expect to see stacking penalty packages with not only increased financial penalties, but also a range of penalties aimed at changing behavior, including fines based on a percentage of customer revenue, suspensions at short or long term and the imposition of significant license conditions,” he said.

Boyle also advocated for a more general push towards data on gambling habits, allowing the watchdog to better understand how people gamble, the number of problem gamblers and the level of harm suffered.

“We plan to invest more in our data sources and will begin to research the links between gambling and suicide,” the president said.

Working with major operators, Boyle said the commission has launched a study of best practices into algorithms that can be used to spot problem gamblers. Going a step further, Boyle said: ‘I would also like to introduce a new mandatory, independent audit of standards and accreditation for those who achieve the highest levels.’

The government is expected to present plans for an overhaul of the current regulations in a white paper, which is expected this summer.

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