SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Missouri Highway Patrol carried out another raid on a Springfield business, seizing 15 arcade-style gaming devices.

“A search warrant has been executed at a West Kearney business called AM PM Food Mart where 15 illegal arcade-style gaming devices were seized,” said Sgt. Mike McClure of the Missouri Highway Patrol.

It follows another raid at Lucky Lynns in Sunshine and Glenstone. Investigators seized 35 machines on Monday. So how many more could follow? Sgt. Mike McClure says the purpose of the raids is to help educate people about the Missouri statues of these machines.

“These machines are illegal, and our job is to bring people into compliance, and in this case not necessarily to enforce, but to educate people about the illegality of these machines,” said Sgt. McClure.

The owner of AM convenience store PM Food Mart says he “obtained his machines legally from Torch Electronics.”

Torch faces charges in Linn County, Missouri, for promoting the game. In a statement, Torch Electronics spokesman Gregg Keller said “the confiscated machines are all games. absolutely legal “and that the Missouri Highway Patrol” was harassing a law-abiding family business. “

The second raid in a row has asked a lot what the next step is.

Nick Devereaux works at Wok on Scenic next to Lucky Lynns second location. And he has seen similar devices being used.

“I’ve been there a few times to bring orders, and there are about three or four rooms with computers and slots, or what appear to be slots,” Devereaux said.

Devereaux says he’s been suspicious of Lucky Lynns since he started working.

“They say it’s like online games, so I guess it’s like their prices for online games,” Devereaux said.

Torch spokesperson Gregg Keller says he believes the machines are legal because they include a pre-reveal feature, allowing players to see if they will win or not. He says this does not constitute “a gambling device that includes either skill or luck,” as described in the Missouri Constitution.

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