MILFORD – A new group has been formed in Milford to plan community events in the town and received the city council’s blessing on Monday evening.

Clerk-Treasurer Tricia Gall reported to the council that she had joined a group called Meet Milford and that they wanted to plan several community events in town this summer, such as Food Truck Friday, where they would be bringing food trucks.

Gall requested use of the community building parking lot and power on June 17 – the first event and said there may be times when they will also need use of the building. Plans are to hold events primarily on the third Fridays of the month from June through October. She said they plan to work with downtown businesses “the idea is to get people downtown.”

The board approved the events for the third Friday of the month.

Lake Waubee Event

Milford City Council members approved a request by Tracey Burke, Waubee Lake Association, to have a band on the beach during their event.

Burke came to the council and explained that they had held a kayak/poker race for the past few years, but this year they wanted to have music on the beach at Waubee Lake Park. She said they were going to rent the Lions pavilion and wanted to have a band for a few hours for this year’s event on June 18.

Burke said the money they raise goes to Eric Bechtel and he does fireworks on the lake on July 4th. Asked if she had contacted anyone on the lake and said they had helped in the past as one of the stops for kayaks. They stop to get colorful wristbands at the lake docks.

Gall told the council that there was a park rule against loud music, so Gall advised Burke to come to the council for an exception.

Instead of an exception, the board allowed a reserve officer to attend the event in the event of a complaint. However, since the event hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., they didn’t think that would be much of an issue. Burke was also advised to notify other lake owners of the event and she said they have a Facebook group where she will post the information. She said last year the event raised $2,300.

Kosciusko County Visitors

Alan Tio of KEDCO (Kosciusko County Economic Development Corporation) came to the board saying he likes to visit a few times a year and update them. He reminded the board of KEDCO’s three initiatives: entrepreneurship, talent housing and recruitment, and retention.

He shared that there are resources for entrepreneurs and thanked the city for working with him on housing.

“I applaud and thank the city – the housing initiative is further along than any other community,” he said.

Tio said the housing initiatives started because employers shared they were struggling to retain employees, especially those who lived farther away.

A council member asked Tio what they could do to keep the children and grandchildren here. Tio replied that there is no simple answer and said that they post jobs on social media. He suggested school corporations and chambers of commerce could work on it, but said they would be happy to help in any way they could.

Tio then introduced Amy Roe, Community Coordinator of the Hoosiers Enduring Legacy Program Grant. Tio said Milford is one of the first three communities in the state to be selected for this program because they were ready for all of the previous initiatives they have done.

Roe spoke a bit about herself to the board and said she was delighted to work with Milford.

“I’m thrilled because I know what small towns struggle with and I know that when communities like Milford are willing to participate in something when they’re not sure what it offers, that’s a good sign,” she said.

She said one of the first parts was what the state calls the Art Infusion planning event and said Indiana Arts is providing money to hold an event in Milford on June 17, in partnership with Made on Main to organize the event.

Roe said the goal is to bring the community together to talk about what they want as a project.

“It will be unique because it’s art-based,” she said, adding that the end result is to “provide something cool in Milford and maybe people will want to stay in town.” .

Department of Public Services

Steven Marquart, Superintendent of Streets, Water and Parks, reported that four people were interested in the 50/50 Sidewalk Matching Grant program. He therefore requested three quotes. One from Jason McCorkle quoted $12,010; another quote was from Pulver Asphalt for $16,780 and finally Thompson Concrete with a quote of $11,990.

Marquart recommended Thompson Concrete and said they had done good work for the city in the past. The cost to the city would be $5,595 and the owners would pay the rest. The board approved his recommendation.

He also received approval to hold spring cleaning days at 600 N. Main St. from April 21-23 with hours from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday hours from 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Marquart told the council it was time to close the city’s parking lots and driveways. He had an estimate of $475 for the water treatment plant, $3,196 for the sewage plant, $5,567 for the community building, $2,734 for the utility driveway and $2,663 for New Beginnings for a total of $14,630 per Super Seal.

The council approved it and also approved the addition of a disabled parking spot on the northeast corner, the first parking spot next to Main Street.

In other cases counsel:

• Approval of additional cost for police computers for squad cars since previously approved computers have been discontinued.

• Approved the payment of the annual cost of the cloud service for the police service at a cost of $4,320.

• Approved the purchase of flowers for downtown and Miller’s Greenhouse Town Hall at a cost not to exceed $1,500.

• Approval of renewal of GSI service for utilities for $1,100.

• Approved the payment of the additional cost of $411.25 for road salt; they received 44 tons instead of the 40 tons ordered.

• Approved the formation of a water meter review committee and approved the appointment of Doug Ruch to the committee representing the Board.

• Approved the closure of the Clerk’s office on Friday April 13 and heard that further closures may be required.

• Approved LWG assistance with Annexation and Housing Authority.

• Approval of the renewal of the Keystone system for utilities and payroll at a cost of $7,875.

• Approved the purchase of a fireproof filing cabinet for the Clerk’s office at a cost of $1,439.

• Approval of two customer credits on utility bills, one for $92.76 and the other for $60.40.

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