A Teesside grandmother has bravely spoken out about her debilitating gambling addiction which led her into £10,000 debt.

The wife of Middlesbrough, who wishes to remain anonymous, started playing during confinement in 2020 after a crash in 2018. His companion of 27 years left her, her aunt died and his little son had to undergo a serious operation .

Due to her COPD and confinement at home, she had to protect herself throughout the confinement. After her sister won £5,000 on online slots she thought she would see if she could win the jackpot too. The woman bravely spoke to Teesside Live about how her addiction took over her life.

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The woman from Middlesbrough said:. “I had rent arrears after the departure of my partner and I wanted to move into my own little bungalow, so I started playing I receive benefits because of my health, I ‘so I kept my secret addiction from family and borrowed all that I can continue to put money.

“The most I ever made was £505. When I turned 50 in March, my kids gave me £1,000 so I could fix the downstairs bathroom, but I decided to bet it all instead. That’s when I realized it was a serious problem and I had to quit.

The grandmother Middlesbrough explained that his addiction got the better every waking hour of his life, that’s all what she could think of and it would be hard to sleep because she was just desperate to place more for paris get his money back.

She added: “Once I put up to £3,000 on a site but had absolutely no chance of getting it back, it wasn’t fun anymore. I fell in love with my mum there It was about three weeks and I finally realized I had a serious addiction that needed to be controlled.

“The temptation is still there but I’m never going back now. I’m £10,000 in debt, I even visited loan sharks to pay my bets, now I just want to rebuild my life and escape this vicious cycle. “

The woman recently received help from GamCare, an organization that provides free information and advice to people with gambling problems. They are able to block all gambling apps on an individual’s phone in an attempt to prevent them from playing together.

As well as her brother, the Middlesbrough woman also knows eight other people who have found themselves in a similar situation to her. She hopes that by telling her story, she can raise awareness about how dangerous gambling addiction is and how people can seek help.

She said: “Me and my brother are off the cycle now but it’s so sad to see others still going through the process of gambling addiction – it really should be treated like alcohol and drug addiction. J I’ve even heard of kids addicted to betting, it’s so readily available on phones that it can happen to anyone.

“Even if one person takes solace in my story and is able to ask for help while that’s enough for me, it’s one less person in that cycle. From now on I just take each day as it comes and hope to rebuild my life so I don’t have the urge to play ever again.”

If you are concerned about gambling or know someone who is, visit www.gamcare.org.uk for information and advice.

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