From 1955 to 1956, at the Alaska Constitutional Convention, our state constitution was crafted by a majority of New Deal Democrats. They wanted to build a model utopian state constitution. All of this happened at a time when expanding and strengthening government control and power were the collectivist goals of the federal government as it moved toward progressiveness.

Looks like nothing has changed.

In developing the embryonic framework of Alaska state government, the delegates shaped our state constitution using many resources.

At the time, progressive organizations helped influence public policy in Alaska. The draft state constitution embodied the new ideology promoted by the progressive era of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson at the turn of the 20e Century. The impetus for this was already deep in 19e American intellectuals of the century who liked to read European and American journalists and popular writers of the time. A notable example in the mid-1800s was Horace Greeley’s stable of New York Tribune writers, which included writers like Charles Anderson Dana, a utopian socialist, Friedrich Engels, and Karl Marx. Marx and Engels had already published “The Communist Manifesto”.

This authoritarian culture subtly infused its influence through the American civic fabric, including the burgeoning fantasies of Alaskan sovereignty, which today have morphed into delusions of colonialism.

The progressive goal was to establish and centralize the power and control of government in a superior position over individual rights and state sovereignty. This goal conflicted with some of the guarantees contained in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Today a new group, which may be the reincarnation in the minds of FDR’s New Deal Democrats, has formed to tell you, the Alaskan voter, don’t vote ‘yes’ to a convention constitutional on November 8, 2022.

The group is called “Defend Our Constitution”. He has a website located at

One of the major funders of Defend Our Constitution is the National Education Association-Alaska Political Action Committee for Education. It is the same public union responsible for the status of education in Alaska.

Defend Our Constitution correctly states that the voters of Alaska have never approved a constitutional convention. Chances are the Alaskans won’t approve of one this time. They warn: “The risks outweigh the rewards.”

If voters have never approved a constitutional convention and the odds in November 2022 are slim that voters will approve it this time, then why does NEA-Alaska-PACE support the effort to reject a constitutional convention? ?

The group says a constitutional convention could create “opportunity for outside special interest groups and black money to change Alaskan laws to advance their agenda rather than the interest of Alaskans.”

Isn’t that what Alaskans have lived for decades?

Our state government is controlled by “outside special interests and black money”. Our largest urban centers are controlled by “outside vested interests and black money”. Our legislature and judiciary appear to be controlled by “outside special interests and black money”. Our electoral system is now controlled by “external special interests and black money”.

If not, the 1955-56 delegates would have included delegate Ralph Robertson’s labor law contribution to be added to our state constitution.

If this were not the case, the capital would have moved closer to the people of the state.

If not, the petition recommendations of the Citizens Advisory Commission on Federal Areas and the Alaska State Lands Advisory Group would have been submitted and acted upon with the President and Congress. on restructuring the ownership and management of federal lands in Alaska to continue to preserve the environment. and biodiversity, enable public access to public resources as guaranteed by Congress, and support economic development.

If not, education would produce literacy and other school standards with exemplary results at a fraction of current costs.

If not, health care costs would be competitive with the rest of the nation.

If this were not the case, the development of the state’s natural resources would be the primary economic engine of the state, not the government.

If not, all eligible Alaskans would have received their full statutory outstanding permanent fund dividend balances owed to them by the state.

Has anyone ever told you they know more than you do, so do as we say?

Simply put, those who want you not to vote “Yes” for a constitutional convention in the November 8, 2022 election are projecting onto all of us what we should be doing through risk, fear and doubt.

Has Alaska had enough of this manipulation? Will we all stand tall as Alaskans, certain, faithful and confident in our ability to guide and build the framework of our state government?

Will Alaska vote “yes” for a constitutional convention?

Michael Tavoliero is a real estate agent in Eagle River, is active in the Alaska Republican Party, and chaired Eaglexit.

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