In the enlightened society of India advice is always given to try to start something after a certain age. But “age is not the measure of success”, Ankit Dev Arpan proved to be true. Today, at age 21, Ankit trains more than 200 people sitting at home and offers them employment opportunities.

Ankit Kumar is from West Champaran district in Bihar. After completing his studies at NavodayaVidyalaya West Champaran, he is now pursuing law studies at IMS Law College. Ankit Kumar, better known as Ankit Dev Arpan on social media, is known for his Hindi-language articles and political analysis. But in 2020, he established something that has become a topic of discussion today.

When Corona started in February 2020, at the same time, Ankit Dev Arpan sensed the situation to come. Together with Shanya Das from Bihar, he laid the foundations for the “Community of Writers”. “The community of writers” is a platform for freelancers, where freelancers receive free training and work related to writing. First of all, Ankit Dev Arpan and Shanya Das established contacts with Embibe, Unacademy, Byjus, ParikshaAdda etc. They started performing their e-learning related tasks with this team, and today the “Community of Writers” can employ over 200 people.

Ankit Dev Arpan says he comes from a remote province of Bihar. The village lacked resources and the state of Bihar was not very good either. So he came to Noida to study. As he liked to write at first, he looked for an alternative due to the not very good financial situation. Slowly, he started looking for freelancers on social media. But there were a lot of scams, so they decided to fix the area. After that, Ankit Dev Arpan created the community of writers with Shanya Das.

Ankit Dev Arpan said his next goal is to provide education to Bihar students at the lowest rate. Since being an alumnus of NavodayaVidyalaya and being aware of the condition of students in rural areas, they prepare online document templates through Writers Community for students preparing for NavodayaVidyalaya Entrance Examination . Along with this, we also organize e-learning materials at the lowest cost.

Ankit Dev Arpan also recently ran an internship program through Writers Community. in which. He has trained 25 students from top universities in the country including IIT Kharagpur, Delhi University, BanasthaliVidyapeeth.

Ankit Kumar says that along with Writers’ Community co-founder Shanya Das, he constantly tries to employ over 1,000 freelancers over the next two years and educate students interested in writing. Soon the “Writers’ Community” will also launch its Freelance Marketplace portal, where it will share freelance opportunities and other information.

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