Through Jamelia Saied

Updated: 3 hours ago Posted: 3 hours ago

I thank ADN for the article on the Mobile Crisis Team, or MCT. I was appalled to learn that Mayor Dave Bronson wanted to cut funding for the program and move it from the fire department to the police department. Anchorage is in desperate need of mental health resources. In cities that have established teams like this, the results have been overwhelmingly positive. They reduce calls to the police, emergency room visits, unfortunate and sometimes fatal police responses to people in mental health crises, and help people find needed resources and long-term stability.

This program should be expanded, not cut. We need a stabilization center as an integral part of the program. The 2% alcohol tax should be used to pay for this program. One of the practical and financial goals of an MCT is to free up police resources. The integration of the MCT into the police service would appear to undermine this objective.

– Jamelia Saied


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