The Macao Gaming Inspection and Coordination Office, in partnership with the Office of Social Welfare and the Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming at the University of Macao, launched the “Responsible Gambling Promotion 2021″ – aimed at raising public awareness of gambling disorders.

For the second year in a row, this year’s theme is “Losing Control, Losing the Family,” emphasizing the importance of family education in preventing these disorders. Macau’s local social service organizations will be spending the coming months focusing on promoting responsible gambling through online financial education videos, contests, family money management workshops, conferences and more.

Macau dealers will also organize activities to promote responsible gambling messages to employees, residents and tourists.

In addition to a number of training and community activities organized by the gaming industry and social service organizations, the DICJ, the Social Welfare Office and the University of Macao are promoting the theme ‘Lost Control , Lose Family ”through various media including street advertising, television, radio and bus promotional videos, and social media channels from September to December.

In order to ensure the best possible care for people suffering from a gambling disorder, the Responsible Gaming Working Group has set up “Responsible Gaming Indicators” which aim to assess the level of satisfaction with respect to gambling. the various actions and systems put in place by the social service and its entities related to responsible gambling, as well as providing optimization proposals. The targets of the first phase are centers for the prevention and treatment of gambling disorders, with 12 units having been deemed satisfactory after their assessment.

Centers will be awarded the qualification of “Responsible Gaming Implementation Model Unit” at the closing ceremony of the Responsible Gaming Promotion 2021, to be held in mid-December.

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