There are many reasons for delaying a funeral. For most people, it’s best to do this as early as possible. However, not everyone thinks this way.

Macau’s gaming king Stanley Ho (何鸿燊) passed away in May of last year. However, he was only buried this year, with all of his sons present for the funeral.

Source: The Standard (HK)

On May 26, 2020, it was announced that the billionaire had died of an illness at the age of 98. A year later, they buried her body in the family cemetery, Chiu Yuen Cemetery, Mount Davies. Her funeral was delayed because a Feng Shui master said there was no auspicious day for a funeral last year. As such, his family has stored his body temporarily at TWGH’s Coffin Home from July 17, 2020.

Stanley Ho was buried next to his parents on May 30. Ho cemetery supposedly has good feng shui and beautiful scenery, which is why the plot costs around HK $ 1 million. All of his family were in attendance, including his four sons, Mario Ho (何 猷 君), Orlando Ho (何 猷 啟), Lawrence Ho (何 猷 龍) and Arnaldo Ho (何 猷 亨).


As the whole family was present, the area was covered with security details. The second son, Lawrence Ho, was seen carrying his father’s photo during the funeral. His daughters Pansy Ho (何超瓊) and Daisy Ho (何超凤) went to the cemetery before the others to prepare for the 10am funeral. The rest of the Ho family attended the funeral consecutively. There was apparently some drizzle during the burial.

Source: Tatler Hong Kong

Although the funeral was almost a year late, at least the entire Ho family could attend. May the king of the game of Macau rest in peace.

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