Lily Allen is set to make her West End theater debut in a ‘bloody scary’ supernatural thriller which opens in London this summer. The singer will star in 2:22 – a Ghost Story, a new play by Danny Robins, who is best known for his docudrama horror podcast The Battersea Poltergeist.

Allen described the play as a “brilliant investigation into the ghosts that haunt us” and said it offered wit, a spooky plot, and “a meditation on marriage, relationships and family.” The live performance has been the most exciting part of her career, she added, as it is about “connecting with a group of individuals and the spontaneity of everything that happens at night.” .

The play, presented by Runaway Entertainment, will be directed by Matthew Dunster, whose hits include Hangmen – which moved from the Royal Court to the West End in 2015 and was slated to open on Broadway in March of last year when the theaters of New York have turned gloomy because of the pandemic.

Allen’s co-stars will be Julia Chan, Hadley Fraser and Jake Wood. The four friends play having dinner together at a house that Allen’s character says is haunted. She hears a strange sound at the same time every night at 2:22 a.m., so the four are staying up late to see if they can solve the mystery.

Robins said his “creepy bloody” play explores “the clash between belief and skepticism through a couple’s relationship.” Dunster, who described the play as a combination of horror and social commentary, said he and designer Anna Fleischle would create an atmosphere of suspense. The production will make a point of asking the public not to reveal its surprise revelations. The play will debut at the Noël Coward Theater in August.

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