As 2022 approaches, many people will change their habits, be healthier, or improve. Some will turn to weight loss programs, seek professional help and advice, and turn to 12-step programs or treatment programs for alcohol or drug abuse.

But did you know that we have the Central Problem Gambling Resource Center (PGRC) here in upstate New York? Central PGRC specializes in helping individuals and families with gambling problems.

With just a phone call, the PGRC Central is there for you. We offer hope and help in a relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere. The Central PGRC offers resources, assessments, advice and more with a barrier-free promise to get you the help you want and deserve, fast.

So if you are struggling with gambling related issues and want to change your life, for example,

• Improved relationships with your loved ones

• Regained financial well-being

• Improved mental health and stress

So here are some tips for you,

• Set a goal to stop gambling.

• Get help and call the Central Problem Gambling Resource Center at (315) 413-4676.

There is hope and help available for anyone, no matter what your situation.

Call us today (315) 413-4676.

Elizabeth Toomey is a team leader at the Central Region Problem Gambling Resource Center.

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