The district administration urged all movie theater owners to obtain statutory licenses from city authorities, fire departments and other departments as soon as possible in order to continue showing films.

Following the directive of the administration, officials sealed a few days ago the TBR hall in Parvatipuram, the Saikrishna theater in Pusapati Rega, the Gopala Krishna-Bhogapuram theater, the S-3 theater in Nellimarla. It has been observed that the Sai Krishna Theater has not renewed the fire safety licenses in the past five years. The lack of cleanliness and the sale of tickets at higher prices are also other reasons to seal theaters.

Senior officials, including collector A. Suryakumari, joint collector GC Kishore Kumar and sub-collector of Parvatipuram Bhavana, who inspect theaters, said licensing and proper maintenance are statutory, regardless of losses and profits. theaters.

“The government will not compromise on the safety of people. Cleanliness and provisions to ensure social distancing are important in preventing the spread of the coronavirus, ”said A.Suryakumari.

Expressing disappointment at the strict standards, operators said they would not be able to keep theaters running for long if the restriction on ticket prices continued.

Ticket prices were set at between 5 yen and 20 yen in gram panchayats and were up to 35 yen in nagar panchayats.

In the municipalities, ticket prices were set between 30 and 100 yen. Multiplex theater owners can collect between 75 and 250 on each ticket.

“We need at least 3.5 lakh per month for the maintenance of theaters in rural areas and 4 lakh in urban areas. With the advent of OTT platforms, the occupancy rate has dropped significantly, resulting in lower revenues. Four movie theater owners have already transformed their movie theaters into shopping complexes in Vizianagaram. The government should look into the exhibitors’ grievances because they directly and indirectly provide huge jobs, ”said Narayanam Srinivas, president of the Vizianagaram Cine Exhibitors Association.

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