Kla Party gets into the game

Politics is part of the “trifecta of initiatives”

Kla leader Korn Chatikavanij presented strategies at a general party meeting on Saturday. (Photo: Parti Kla)

The Kla party has thrown its weight behind the movement to legalize gambling as part of its strategy to boost the economy.

The announcement was made at the Centara Government Complex Hotel on Saturday during a general meeting to summarize the party’s overall performance in its first two years of existence.

Kla leader Korn Chatikavanij outlined four basic strategies that he hopes can turn the economy around. He said gambling reform could be a new source of revenue despite the industry’s poor reputation.

“Nobody wants to promote gambling. But, in reality, we have to accept that business in the gray area benefits those who break the law and influential people linked to gangsters and organized crime. So it’s time to change that,” Korn said.

In addition to legalizing gambling, the party will promote a trio of initiatives that will help develop what it calls a “Green Deal” industry model, which Korn says will lay a new foundation for industries. local.

Mr Korn said the Green Deal includes participation from the energy and automotive industries, as large sums will be spent on the country’s transport infrastructure. The party will also embrace and support blockchain technology and digital and creative economies.

With that in mind, Mr. Korn announced a goal of fully digitizing state agencies’ work processes so that every task can be performed on mobile technology when necessary.

At the meeting, Korn also announced the recent appointment of Kobsak Sapavasu, a former deputy leader of the Democrats, as the party’s chief strategy officer.

The party also recruited Capt Deuntemduang Na Chiangmai, a former mayor of Chiang Mai Municipality and a former member of the Democratic Party, to the Kla’s economic team.

Currently, the Kla has 24,634 members and has established 89 offices across the country.

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